Automatic Conduit

Automatic Conduit

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The tool is designed to create power circuits and connect fixtures with conduits instead of Autodesk® Revit® default 2D wire. 


Work Flow:

1. Select the desired elements.

2. Click the Automatic Conduit command with circuiting.

3. Write the needed offset for the conduits.

4. Choose the connection method

a) Loop Conduits

b) None loop Conduits

5. Choose the home run direction and click ok

6. Select a panel for your circuit


For Video:


For Testing File:

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 1.1.2, 18.09.2020
1.Fixing "Select Conduit type" button, it can show all conduit types instead of showing 1 conduit type before.


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  • Can it do just conduit connectors without circuiting?
    JOHN ARTIENDA | Februar 05, 2020

    Can it do just conduit connectors without circuiting?

  • looks good
    Jesse Browning | Januar 25, 2017

    The concept is good except it's not "real world". There is twice as much vertical conduit installed. Typically, the electrician will install a junction box over the fixture and supply a single vertical conduit to the single point connection most every light fixture has. If the program has this capability then it will match more e closely to the actual installation.

    BIM SOFT SOLUTIONS (Herausgeber) | Dezember 06, 2018

    I updated the tool as per your suggestion

  • good tool for modeling condiut
    Tawfik Alkady | Februar 25, 2016

    it is good tool for shop drawing which need to model condiut

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