Copy Electrical Circuits 2019

Copy Electrical Circuits 2019

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This tool is designed to copy the electrical circuits from floor to another floor or in the same floor. or from file to another file.

The app will save a lot of time for electrical engineers in case they need to copy the electrical circuits.

The tool will facilitate copying  Electrical typical floors.

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Version 1.1.3, 07.03.2019
The toll will define the needed shared parameters automatically. The user can select specific panels to record data in it.

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  • Add-in Antiquated by Revit's System Browser Functionality!
    Brian Miller | März 07, 2019

    You can copy electrical fixtures, equipment from you system browers. (overpriced add-in and it is not easy to use.)

    BIM SOFT (Herausgeber) | März 11, 2019

    Dear Brian, Their is misunderstanding in your comment about the tool. 1. You can copy electrical fixtures, equipment from you system bowers as you mentioned but you can't connect them to a new panel automatically. 2. The tool can also copy circuits from another file which you can't do with system browser. 3. You need to watch the tool videos and read the help file carefully to understand the tool function. Regarding the price it's a good price for a unique tool. If you need any help please contact me at

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