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You may need additional capabilities for filtering in picking up desired elements in addition to Category as a filtering key.  “Detail Filter Pro” takes in “Search Filter” and “Common Search Filter” in addition to the previous version of “Detail Filter” which has received a favorite reputation at Autodesk App Store.  “Search Filter” and “Common Search Filter” help you to pick up desired elements with additional filtering keys of type of category and parameter value, like “Quick select” of Autodesk® AutoCAD®.


“Detail Filter” can be applied to filter elements out of selected elements by its parameter of Category, Family, Family Type and Parts Materials of elements.


“Search Filter” can be applied to filter elements out of all elements or visible elements in the current view, by Category and parameters.


“Common Search Filter” can be applied to filter elements by value of parameter in the same Category of selected element.


“Search Filter” and “Common Search Filter” are used with setting operator as filtering condition.


Each filter has a function of highlighting filtered elements, this enables you to confirm the filtering effect.


Detail Filter becomes non-free with having advanced capabilities in Autodesk® Revit® 2017.


"Detail Filter Pro" confirms your 'entitlement' to use app from purchaser information of "Autodesk App Store" and sign-in information of "Autodesk A 360".

There is a time lag in confirmation, please perform the following operation.

1. If you are not sign-in to "Autodesk A360", sign-in with the same user name as the purchaser of "Detail Filter Pro".

2. Place the cursor on one of the "Detail Filter Pro" commands.

3. When the command tool tip is displayed, click the command.

4. The "Detail Filter Pro" panel become active.

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Version 1.2.0, 24.01.2018

Supports 2018 version

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