Calculate Fire Fighting Pipes According To NFPA 13

Calculate Fire Fighting Pipes According To NFPA 13

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This plugin is designed to calculate the size of Fire Fighting Pipes according to NFPA 13 Code.

General Usage Instructions

This Application is divided into many panels:

1-    Select the Sprinkler Piping Configuration.

2-    Select Network.

3-    Select the unit (Metric and Imperial).

4-    Select Pipe Material Type (Steel and Copper).

5-    Calculate Size of Fire Fighting Pipes.

6-    Activation Code.

7-    Organization Tools (Close and Help).

8-    Contact Information.


Use the following points to illustrate the steps:

1-    Select Pipe configuration such as Tree, Grid or Loop Pipe configuration according to the shape of networks, as the following table illustrates the type of Pipe configuration

Piping Configuration



As implied by its name, this configuration uses a main piping line that branches out into progressively smaller pipes, providing water for individual sprinklers and other fire protection elements. This is similar to how a tree has a trunk from which all branches grow.


This configuration uses two main lines running parallel to each other, and smaller piping segments are connected to both. Since there is more than one route for water to reach a given point in the system, friction is reduced.



This configuration also has a main pipe from which all others branch out. However, the main pipe returns to its starting point, completing a water loop.


2-    Select Hazard Types. There are 5 types of Hazard according to NFPA 13 that classifies the occupancies according to the quantity and combustibility of contents, the expected rates of heat release, the total potential for energy release, the heights of stockpiles, and the presence of flammable and combustible liquids as the followings:

  1. Light Hazard Pipe Schedule
  2. Light Hazard Above & Below sprinklers
  3. Ordinary Hazard Pipe Schedule
  4. Ordinary Hazard Above & Below sprinklers
  5. Extra Hazard Pipe Schedule 


3-    Select the network, and the panel shows all Components of the network that have been selected such as Sprinkler, Pipes, Pipe Fittings, and Pipe Accessories. 

4-    Select the unit (Metric or Imperial) and Select Material (Steel or Copper), and the following tables to illustrate the size of Firefighting of each case according to NFPA 13.

5-    Finally, click “Run” to start calculating the size of firefighting pipes.




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