ElumTools 2024

ElumTools 2024

Win64, English

Lighting Analysts, Inc.
ElumTools™ is a fully integrated lighting calculation and visualization Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®.

General Usage Instructions

Getting Started

Learn ElumTools

  1. Validate lighting fixtures families in ElumTools Luminaire Manager:
    • Assign photometric sources to your Lighting Fixture families (if not already there)
    • Correct source position if necessary
    • Verify Lumens and Watts
    • Add Light Loss Factors
  2. Prepare materials for lighting calculations in ElumTools Materials Manager:
    • Check surface reflectances and colors for Walls, Ceilings, Floors and “Map” if necessary
    • Check surface type for transparent and transmissive surfaces
  3. Add calculation grids for point-by-point illuminance:
    • Add calculation points to workplane or floor using the ElumTools Add Points command
    • Place additional points on other surfaces as desired using ElumTools Add Points Planar Face command
  4. Calculate Rooms, Spaces, Areas, Regions, and/or Views.
    • Use these to determine which portion of the model to consider for analysis.
  5. View the results
    • Interact with the visualization to understand the lighting effect, try using the Pseudocolor mode to quantify illuminance on every surface
    • Navigate to the appropriate Revit view you want to see the point-by-point information displayed, then use the ElumTools View Results command to see the values.
    • Experiment with Revit’s Analysis Visualization Framework (AVF) for point display by selecting the View Properties, Default Analysis
  6. Schedule Statistics
    • Build a Revit schedule using the built-in command.




ElumTools is installed from the MSI-based installer. It can be uninstalled from the Windows control panel.

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Company Name: Lighting Analysts, Inc.
Support Contact: support@elumtools.com

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Lighting Analysts, Inc.

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See elumtools.com for the latest changes.
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