Wall Joins Plus

Wall Joins Plus

Win64, English

Christopher Key
Direct control over wall join order

General Usage Instructions

Select a wall involved in the join to be edited, clicking near the end of the wall with the join.

  • A dialog will appear, listing the walls involved in this join.
  • Selecting a wall with the list will highlight the wall within the design.
  • The wall join order can be changed by moving each wall up and down with the list of priorities using the Up and Down buttons.
  • The join type can be changed between butt, miter and square off.

Where the join occurs in the middle of a wall with no vertical edge to join to, that wall must have the highest join priority, and the join type must be a butt joint.

Where the join occurs in the middle of a wall and at a vertical edge within that wall, the join can be edited as normal.




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Additional Information

Known Issues

  • It is only possible to change the type of a join and the order in which the walls join. Adding or removing a wall from a join still requires dragging wall ends into and out of the join.
  • The current Autodesk® Revit® API associates wall joins with wall ends. This means that:
    • A wall join that occurs in the middle of a wall can only be edited by selecting one of the other walls in this join.
    • A wall join that does not occur at the end of any wall (e.g. intersecting walls with openings of non-rectangular profiles) cannot be edited.


Company Name: Christopher Key
Support Contact: chris@adn.cjkey.org.uk

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Christopher Key

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Initial release.
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