Price Engineer Toolkit

Price Engineer Toolkit

Win64, English

Price Industries
The Price Engineer Toolkit provides a suite of custom tools that allow you to work with our rich and dynamic product information within your Autodesk® Revit® projects.

General Usage Instructions

The Price Engineer Toolkit for Revit provides three easy ways to add a Revit Family using one of our systems*, into Revit:

  • Competitor Cross Reference 
  • Product Families 
  • Favorite Manager 


* Not all products from the search results will have a Revit Family 

** Found Revit Family might not be supported by the Revit version the user is running, in that case, please reach out to


To use the Price Engineer Toolkit for Revit the user will need to have a registered account with Price. Any user can register using our website or by clicking the “Login” ribbon button in the Price Industries plugin and choosing an option to create a new account. To do that, the user should click the “Login” button under the Price Industries addon tab and type the email in the “Email” field. An option to Create Account will show up and clicking it will send the user to our Account creation page. Fill up the form and later confirm the account creation in the email used during registration.

Competitor Cross Reference:

By clicking on the “Competitor Cross Reference” ribbon button, the Price Competitor Cross Reference search will appear. It allows the user to search Price Products or competitors’ products that match one of our products.

On the search results choose the product by clicking on “Select Family”

Choose the Family that matches the user requirements, and click the “Load” button to load the selected product family into Revit. In case a floor or ceiling plan is already loaded, the product would be automatically attached to the cursor to place it in the right location. Once the user loads a family into Revit it can be found in the Project Browser under Families

By clicking the “Download” button it will download the selected product family to the specific location chosen by the user. 

Product Families search:

Using the Product Families search will give the user the option to search for a Price product using the same filters and search that we have on our website. The process of selecting and Loading or Downloading is the same as the one from the Competitor Cross Reference. Selecting Family and clicking “Load” will load that family into Revit and send the product to the user cursor. Once the user loads a family into Revit it can be found in the Project Browser under Families, the “Learn more” link will redirect the user to the website page for the specified product.

Favorite Manager:

The Favorite Manager allows the user to keep a list of preferred products

The user can add products to the favorite list by clicking the Star icon in both the Competitor Cross Reference and the Product Families. If the star icon is outlined it means the product is not in the favorites list, if the star icon is filled up it means the product is in the favorites list. Clicking the filled-up star icon again will remove the product from the favorite list. You can also remove the product from the favorite list if you click “Remove” in the Favorite Manager.

Clicking the “Load’ button will show the user the same options of either “Load” or “Download” of the Revit Family for that product. This can also be done by choosing the product from the quick dropdown option from Favorite Manager. The next flow is the same as shown in both the Competitor Cross Reference and Product Families.

About page:

The About page helps the user reach for support or more information easily. If there’s a small red dot in the About icon it means that there’s a new version available for the addon and the user can download the updated version (to update please save your work and close Revit first).

Ripple HAVAC Toolkit:
Allows the user to learn more about our partners at Ripple Engineering Software and their plugins.




Close Revit if it's running, double-click the Price Revit Engineer Toolkit installer file, and follow the prompts.

To uninstall, either double-click the installer again, click Next and select "Remove" and follow the next prompts, or uninstall it through the Windows "programs and features" page.

Additional Information

Known Issues

For some of our products, product families and images may be missing, or the family may not yet be fully supported in newer versions of Revit. In these cases, should you require those assets, please contact us using the contact information located at


Company Name: Price Industries

Author/Company Information

Price Industries

Support Information

Please follow this link if support is needed: under "More Support" select "Software support"

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Updated to support Revit 2025.


Updated to support Revit 2024.


Updated to support Revit 2024.


Explore more advanced Revit functionality from our partners at Ripple!


Release: Find the family you need using our search, application-based filters, and competitor cross-reference tools. Save and manage your favorite Price Revit Product Families for even quicker access in the ribbon
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