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Parametric Zoo
An advanced keynote table that allows searching, filtering and editing keynotes within Autodesk® Revit® application. Note: The edition of Keynote table in the free version of this app is limited.

General Usage Instructions

Click on Macaw command from Parametric Zoo tab to open Macaw's keynote table. From the table, you can directly create/add/remove or edit the keynotes. If you are running the app for the first time the following scenarios may occur :

  • The current document may have a valid keynote file as keynote resource, a program will continue to work.
  • The current document may not have a valid reference to a keynote file, however, it may include a keynote table. Program enquire to save the keynote file before you can continue. It is recommended to copy the keynote file to a library location and update the Revit keynote settings.





Run the installer with administrator privileges. The installer can detect the Revit installation folders and install the application files automatically. If you have multiple versions of Revit installed on your machine you can choose whichever version you would like to install the Butterfly add-on.

  • Note:  Revit application must be shut down during the installation. Reboot is not required.

Uninstall the add-on from a control panel.

Additional Information

Known Issues

The current version of Macaw works only on local keynote file. Does not support external resources.


Company Name: Parametric Zoo
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Parametric Zoo

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Version History

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When reading an invalid keynote file application will not crash, instead, it reports the issues in a table which can be addressed from the Macaw keynote table.


Initial version.
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