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BIM Optimized
Contextual View Management that upgrades your collaboration, presentation, and problem-solving effectiveness. Work the way you think to get the right information at the right time.

General Usage Instructions

Launch ViewIt with the “VI” keyboard shortcut or click on the BIM Optimized tab and then click on ViewIt. When docked, the ViewIt tool provides access to View Collections, View Shortcuts, Search-Launch, and Combo-commands.  When ViewIt interface is closed, any previously configured Keyboard Shortcut is available transparently while working.

View Collections – Recall a set of views with a user-defined name. Use this in combination with the Close All combination command to accelerate view navigation. An example of a collection name: “Task: Stair A Design,” “Meeting: w/ Bob – Steel Connection Matter,” or “Presentation: Feature Wall Renderings.”

Temporary View State Recall – Similar to a calculator’s memory store and recall function, the  Store function saves the current set of views on an ad hoc basis. Recall them with one button click.  Future Storing overwrites the previous temporary view collection.  For a permanent set of views, use the View Collection Management to name a collection of views.

View & Sheet Search-Launch tool – Search the entire Project Browser by view or sheet name/number to launch instantly. The search isolates all views with your search criteria and gives you fast retrieval. An example of a search: “Exam Room A” or “Unit B” results in any view type containing that keyword. Excellent for working in unfamiliar models.  Use filters for enhanced speed.

Single-click 3D Section Box – The most natural Revit 3D Section Box is created based on your view properties: the visible portion of the current window and view range.  This feature supports floor plans and reflected ceiling views only. Continue to use the Auto-Section Box App in conjunction with ViewIt for extended ability, like datum-based (Grids, Levels, Sections, Call-outs) 3D Section Views. 

View Shortcuts (20 customizable keyboard shortcuts) – Apply a personalized shortcut schema to specific views and navigate through modeling efforts for hours without any slow-downs of scrolling through the Project Browser.  An example, during design development modeling, assigned the 10-15 recurring views needed to build the model and navigate with full screen without the Project Browser open.

 Combo-Commands – This feature combines commonly used Revit commanded that are used in conjunction.  For example, Window Tile & Zoom All (WTZA) and Tab View & Close Inactive.  These single click buttons enhance the workflows that ViewIt offers.  For instance, if I want to launch only the North Elevation View, I’ll recall the “Elevations” View Collection, click into the North Elevation, then click the Close All or type “CA” shortcut. This workflow allows a visual method of view navigation and automates clearing of views not needed.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


VI = ViewIT – This will launch the ViewIT window.

Sheet Number

SH = Sheet Number – This will a red-outlined box in the center of your screen which you can type a sheet number to launch the sheet.

Sheet Contains

. = Sheet Contains – This will a red-outlined box in the center of your screen which you can then type a value that the sheet name or number may contain to then launch the sheet.

View Contains

VC = Launch a red-outlined box in the center of your screen, type the view name that a view may contain.

Close All

This combo-command will Tab Views and Close All Inactive in one step. This function opens up new workflows with ViewIt.

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Additional Information

For more information on BIM Optimized, how to use ViewIT, or other products offered, visit us at

Known Issues

* VewIt User interface is not compatible with some 4K resolution monitors. Commands are still operable.

* When two or more projects are open in one Revit session, the “Close Views” command will close all views of the active project; however, views of all other open projects remain open until “Close Views” is used on that project.


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Author/Company Information

BIM Optimized

Support Information

Company Name: BIM Optimized

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Support Hours: 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, Central Standard Time in North America

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Added Working in Context methodology with View Collections and new workflows.


New features added: stored filters, shareable configurations,


Fixed issue with a dual session, username with special characters, and added the “View Contains” feature.


Original version.
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