AutoRiser - Electrical

AutoRiser - Electrical

Win64, English

Kowabunga Studios
Up-to-date riser diagrams are time-consuming. Until today the riser hasn't been connected to anything. Now with the Auto Electrical Riser, your riser will be updated from your model, saving you time!

General Usage Instructions

When you'd like to create a Riser diagram - click on the Riser icon under Kowabunga Studios and select the order in which you'd like your parameters to appear. These are parameters directly from your model. For Transformer's you will need to place the kVA value in the "comments" parameter box for the kVA value to appear on the Riser. You'll also select whether you'd like Room or Space names to appear.

This will then create a Riser Diagram in your Electrical Drafting View.

To Re-Run AutoRiser, make sure that you either delete or change the name of the existing Riser Diagram Drafting View




Click run on the .msi file and follow the installation instructions as prompted in the installer.

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Company Name: Kowabunga Studios

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Kowabunga Studios

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Ability to choose rooms or spaces as well as incorporate KAIC values and Ampacity Values


Ability to choose rooms or spaces as well as incorporate KAIC values.
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