Water System Calculations

Water System Calculations

Win64, English

Intelika Ltd
Flow calculations for Domestic Water Systems according to DIN 1988-W308 norm with the display of pressure loss and critical path.

General Usage Instructions

For the app to work properly there must be at least one domestic cold water system defined in the model. Also, the first element in the water system must be a pipe. The system must be properly modeled (no loose ends, disconnected pipes etc.).

General usage instructions are following:

  1. The user sets the calculation method in Revit dialog: Mechanical Settings→Pipe Settings→Calculation→Flow. WSC implements the DIN 1988-W308 norm, so the user can set this method as well.
  2. When WSC application is started, the user chooses the domestic cold water system for which the application will calculate the critical path and the total pressure loss.
  3. The user can choose the color which will be applied to sections on the critical path.
  4. Then the user can check the values of pressure losses in the selected system (System pressure loss and Elevation loss are both calculated, Outflowing pressure loss and Watermeter pressure loss can be added manually).
  5. The final step is to create a 3D view which displays the colored critical path.

Additional usage instruction can be found in the Help dialog.




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Additional Information

Flow calculation is defined according to DIN 1988-W308 norm. Flow calculation formula is q = 0.25 x FU0.5


q is water flow

FU is Fixture Units

Known Issues


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Intelika Ltd

Support Information

Email: bimline@intelika.hr

Intelika Ltd.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


Revit 2019 support


Major rewrite


Minor bug fixes


Initial release

Flow calculations for Domestic Water Systems according to DIN 1988-W308 norm with display of pressure loss and critical path.

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