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Solibri Model Viewer

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Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) is the software that everyone should use within the construction industry. It’s free of charge and allows you to open all Standard IFC and Solibri Model Checker Files.

General Usage Instructions

Importing a Model Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) imports openBIM files in neutral IFC format or results of Analysis done with Solibri Model Checker.

Exploring the User Interface: The user interface consists of five Layouts, by default. Layouts are File, Model, Checking, Presentation, and Information Takeoff. The File layout window is for opening and closing files and settings.

Model Layout shows you three views: Model Tree (model containment hierarchy), Info (information of the selected component) and 3D. Checking Layout introduces the Checking View where you can browse Rules and Rulesets and the Results View where you can find the Rule Issues Presentation Layout is for showing and commenting Rule Issues and User definable Viewpoints into a slideshow.

This is a convenient and powerful way to show and communicate the findings in the model. Information Takeoff Layout is for showing information collected from the model during the use of Solibri Model Checker. Visualization of the Model You’ll select all visualization and other tools from the 3D View Toolbar In the walk mode you can walk inside the building. Markup Tool is for adding markups to highlight found problems.

Dimension Tool works by selecting two objects or surfaces to measure the distance between them. Presentation when you have a Solibri Model Checker file available and presentation viewpoints (slides) saved you can browse quality issues or highlights of the model with this free viewer. In the Presentation layout you can use the slide icons on the left hand side to move from one slide to the next.




To install, run the installer. Uninstaller is available in the installation folder.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: Solibri
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Support Information

Our local partners and Solibri Support Team are there to help you.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any type of question regarding Solibri products.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


IFC Import

  • IFC classifications with html description were not imported properly
  • IFC classification by type objects was not supported
  • IFC files with line breaks inside strings could sometimes not be imported
  • IFC calendar date was imported with wrong month
  • IFC classifications with html description were not imported properly
  • Site geometry was not removed when previous IFC version had site geometry and it was updated with an IFC that does not have site geometry


  • Nearest space relationship was incorrect for doors that slightly touched spaces in lower storey
  • Search in presentation can now search also in title and description
  • BCF topics ModifiedDate was not updated when user changed, for example, responsibility or status through the user interface
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