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FamilyReviser is a free Autodesk® Revit® plugin to help you to manage the Revit families and Worksets.




FamilyReviser is installed per machine on \ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\%year%
To uninstall the software simply use the installer you have downloaded or go to the program list on your control panel ->Add or Remove Programs and uninstall it from there.

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Known Issues

All known issues were fixed in this version.


Company Name: DiRoots
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Support Information

For support, bug reporting, improvements or suggestions, please email us to

Version History

Version Number Version Description

# Enhancements - Small UI/UX improvements. # Bug Fix - Not working properly in Revit Template files. - Cancel/Close button (X) not canceling the gathering information process in the worksets tab. - Search box not working in the Export tab. - Count column not sorted correctly. - Elements in the view list of the Edit tab disappear after clicking on the ‘Undo’ button. - ‘Selected Families’ filter not working properly. - Issue with all capital letters when using the find and replace feature.

New Features -Export/Organize your Revit Families using multiple destination paths called repositories. - Import tab to load families from multiple directories to your model with Revit version preview. - Define subfolder search depth to import families. - Export families to directories and groups per category. - Export your families list to Excel and CSV (Family Name, Type Name, and Category). Enhancements - New filtering options in Worksets tab. - Performance and stability. - UI/UX. Bug Fix - Missing Categories in the Worksets tab. - Invalid Families names freezing the plugin. - Current selection listing all families of the same category. - Selected Annotation Symbols being ignored. - Active View not working when current view is changed without closing/reopening the plugin. - Replacing option acting as Case Sensitive when Case Sensitive option is not active.

- Support for changing model groups worksets - Find and Replace feature improved (case sensitive option) - Modeless window - Improved User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) - Improved performance

– Modify Worsets by Category – Modify Worksets by Rules – Minor bugs fixed

– Data validation added – Overall performance improvements – Minor bugs fixed
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