EAE Busbar Plug-In

EAE Busbar Plug-In

Win64, English

Create Autodesk® Revit® electrical projects with the EAE Busbar Plugin.

General Usage Instructions

1. Installation and Initialization:

    a. Install the plugin and open Revit.

    b. Navigate to the 'EAE Group' tab and launch the 'EAE Busbar Plug-In' by clicking on it.

2.  Account Setup and Initialization of Build:

    a. Press 'Build'. A login form will prompt; if you're a new user, select 'Sign Up' to register via our website.

    b. Post-login, select 'BUILD' to populate your project with necessary items from the cloud.

3.  Configuring Busbar Properties:

    a. In the subsequent 'Build' form, choose appropriate busbar features and create a combination.

4.  Executing Busbar Line Drawing:

    a. Use 'Draw' to commence the creation of the busbar line based on your specified combination.

    b. Once drawn, use 'Split' to segment the line as per manufacturing standards.

5. Generating Product List:

    a. Access a detailed product list via the 'List' form.

6.  Revising Busbar Line:

    a. Select 'Join' if you intend to revert the line to its pre-split state for any modifications.

7.  Crafting Additional Busbar Lines:

    a. For a new line, hit 'Build', establish a fresh combination, and then choose it from the combo box within the interface.

8.  Adjusting Electrical Current or Neutral Directions:

    a. If a change in the electrical current or neutral direction is required, utilize 'Switch Direction' or 'Switch Neutral'. Select your busbar line and then the corresponding button to enact the adjustment.



To install, users should run the 'EAE_Busbar_Plug-In_Setup.exe' file they have downloaded, initiating the installation process. Upon successful installation, the plugin will be integrated into the Revit software environment. Please ensure no instances of Revit are running during the installation process.

For those wishing to uninstall the plugin, it can be easily removed via the Control Panel. Simply navigate to 'Programs' and select the option to uninstall the software.

Additional Information

Version Updates:  Users can verify whether they are operating the most recent version of the plugin through the 'Update' button found within the interface. If there is a newer version available, the setup file for this latest version will be downloaded to the user's desktop. To upgrade, users should first uninstall the current version of the EAE Busbar Plug-In via the Control Panel, and then proceed with the installation of the new version using the downloaded file. This ensures access to the latest features and optimal performance.

Known Issues


Company Name: EAE GROUP
Support Contact: ELK.bim@eaegroup.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Please contact ELK.bim@eaegroup.com if you have any questions.

Version History

Version Number Version Description Create Busbar Sheet Method created.Customers can create Busbar Sheet with this method.Customers can click the "Create Busbar Sheet" button and then select a Splited Busbar Line. After that , method creates a sheet for selected line properties. Exporting DWG Method updated. Cad file includes all the family names and the length of the elements. Exporting EAE Busbar Product Lines as DWG File created inside List Form. Customers can export Product List of EAE Busbars with this method. The conductor method in the edit form has been changed. Created to detect the conductors of each product group.

TOB (Tap Off Box Products of Busbar Products can listed in Product List Form).

New Product List form created.All parameters and values cames dynamicly with Mysql services. It can be change by the request of users. Exporting excel working more dynamicly and effectively.

Busbar Products Spesifications Table entegrated with Sap Scapi System. T Module and Elbow Products name changed Busbar PlugIn Products Table for not insert again weith another name and to get much more speed.

All the api links changed for busbar.eaebim.com Plugin structural php files moved into domain (eaebim.com ). Connection informations for interface and products are changed inside mysql tables. Fixed selection wrong element in TOB Form.

E-LINE KX-II Main product group is usable inside plugin. Fixed adding special line names into created busbar lines. Duct Accessory filter added the element control method. Tap-Off Box Selection Form added in plugin. Customers can add special TOB products into plugin feeder . Setup file can detect the old versions while working and delete them. Update methods changed.

Changed all forms and fixed some bugs about the update.
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