File Version Checker 2023

File Version Checker 2023

Win64, English

Norcher Developments
A lightweight application to read Autodesk® Revit® files' basic file information to give the user the option of Revit versions to open the file in

General Usage Instructions

File Version Checker is a lightweight application that acts as a middleware agent allowing the user to choose which version of Revit to open their Revit files with. The general workflow is described below:

  1. Open File Version Checker 2023
  2. Select "Get Revit File" and pick the Revit files to inspect
  3. Review the basic file information and open or upgrade the file to a Revit version already installed on your machine


The application automatically checks the standard install location for Revit versions on each drive available in the user's system (i.e. [User Drive]\Program Files\Autodesk) if multiple drives are available on the user's system it will check this file path to find the Revit executable.

However, if the user has picked an install location for Revit that is beyond this they will be able to specify the particular install location in the Settings menu:

  1. Click the settings cog in the upper right corner (or press ALT+S on your keyboard)
  2. Set the custom install path (this should stop at the top level folder before getting to the "Revit 202*" folder)
    1. In the default search the search stops at "Autodesk" as all the Revit versions can be found at this level (i.e. a "Revit 2020", "Revit 2021", "Revit 2022", and "Revit 2023" folder will be in this location if these versions of Revit are installed) 
  3. After setting the new path, click "Save" to commit the changes
  4. If you open the settings menu again you will see the additional Revit versions found in the new path


Additionally, you can access the privacy policy of the application from the Settings menu or a PDF user's guide by click the "?" button (or pressing F1 on your keyboard) to learn more about File Version Checker.




To install the application run the msix file provided. 

To uninstall the application navigate to the add/remove apps in your system's Apps and Features settings and uninstall "File Version Checker 2023"

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Initial production release of File Version Checker 2023
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