Align Air Devices to Ceiling Grids

Align Air Devices to Ceiling Grids

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Sigma AEC Solutions
The ceiling grid alignment tool makes sure that the diffusers are centered and rotated so that they are properly coordinated with the ceiling pattern and its orientation.

General Usage Instructions

Once accessed, this tool will prompt the user to specify how the required diffusers are to be selected, whether all diffusers are to be processed, or whether they should be filtered by the active view.

It also gives the user a “Pick Diffusers On Screen” option that enables him/her to pick the required diffusers after the “Proceed” button is pressed. The selection will be filtered to exclusively include air terminals.

The user may also filter the diffusers by family type names by selecting the required family type names in the alphabetically sorted list box.

Coordination with other ceiling-mounted elements is achieved based on these elements categories. Available categories are Lighting Devices, Fire Alarms, Communication Devices, Lighting Fixtures, Sprinklers (Fire Sprinklers), Nurse Call Devices and Security Devices. Required categories can be checked before the tool is activated.

Note that the diffusers that are not vertically aligned with the ceiling will be filtered out, which is why it is suggested that the user runs the “Diffusers To Ceilings” tool beforehand.




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