Conduit Decouple and Heal

Conduit Decouple and Heal

Win64, English

LokaForma, LLC
Easily remove couplings from conduit while maintaining data and healing conduit

General Usage Instructions

The Decouple Run tool will remove any selected couplings from conduit runs. It has the added benefit of reconnecting the split conduits in Autodesk® Revit® 2021+ since they will no longer heal themselves as with previous versions. Parameter data through the reconnected pieces will behave as if they had been trimmed back together using standard Revit functionality though standard Revit trims will retain the data from whichever piece was selected first.

How to Use the Decouple Run Tool

1.Select any number of couplings that you want to remove
2.Click the Decouple Run button or use your mapped keyboard shortcut to initiate the tool




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