CTC BIM Batch Suite 2022

CTC BIM Batch Suite 2022

Win64, English

CTC Software
BIM Batch Suite provides tools that allow Autodesk® Revit® users to process workflows en masse, with a focus on importing and exporting data.

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The installer that ran when you downloaded this plug-in from Autodesk App Store has already installed the plug-in. You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the plug-in. To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer by downloading it again from Autodesk App Store, and select the 'Uninstall' button, or you can uninstall it from 'Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features' (Windows 7/8.1/10), just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

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CTC Software

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For product support, please visit:  https://ctcsoftware.com/support

Version History

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Plotter and Exporter: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with some files having Object Reference errors. Project Processor: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue when clicking the Add Parameter button


Project Processor: - Bug Fix: Fixed a bug with loading user settings from an earlier version of the tool causing the error: "Origin message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


Plotter and Exporter: - Bug Fix: Fixed an error "Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object" that could occur when launching the tool. Projects and Families Upgrader: - Bug Fix: Fixed the invalid link to the "Request a Feature" form


This product now supports Revit 2022


Project Processor -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the Project Processor may not always open in some Revit versions Family Loader -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue where Family Loader couldn't always load the families from the current document.


Entire Suite -- General fixes to accommodate Revit 2021.1’s units updates Plotter and Exporter -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue where the product had an error on startup if the Sheet Width parameter was blank


Entire Suite -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue that may cause problems accessing BIM 360 in Revit 2021


Entire Suite -- Adds support for Revit 2021


Entire Suite -- Stability and performance enhancements


Family Loader: Bug Fix -- Fixed Issue Loading Families that had been moved to new location without being saved. Project Processor: Bug Fix: Fixed Issue Saving Central Files After Processing Complete.


Family Loader: New Feature -- Option to load only already loaded types Bug Fix -- Resolved an issue when loading families into batches of central files


Plotter and Exporter -- Enhancement: Now works much better on scaled-up 4K screens Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that could prevent scheduled exports from working with workshared projects


Project Processor -- New Feature: File opening options: open detached, open and audit New Feature: Purge line patterns and fill patterns New Feature: File tasks can be reordered by dragging tab headers New Feature: Clearn line styles, fill patterns, viewport types New Feature: Parameter value options listed for and sheets are now dependent upon selected parameter New Feature: Clear settings button added Plotter and Exporter -- Enhancement: You can now export Model Compare files for projects with duplicate non-shared project parameters Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that prevented printing (including to PDF) to work when running on a schedule


Entire Suite: New Feature: Revit 2020 is now supported Plotter and Exporter -- Enhancement: In Revit 2020 only, when exporting to Navisworks you can now set the Facet Factor value. Enhancement: By customer requests, when Plotter and Exporter is filtering for Model Compare snapshots, parameter name filtering no longer applies to project parameters. All project parameters are always retrieved.


Entire Suite: New Feature: A "Contact Support" button has been added to the Revit ribbon and within each tool. This button can be hidden if desired. Project Processor -- Enhancement: Views can be filtered based on dependency of other views, or other views’ dependency on them.


NEW TOOL: Project Processor. This tool can run scripts, remove backup files, clean, purge, swap types and materials, rename elements, add shared parameters and manipulate links on multiple projects at once. Projects and Families Upgrader – Enhancement: Tool available to run even if a project is not open in Revit Family Loader -- New Feature: Save and recall lists of families to reload into projects Enhancement: For workshared models - new operations: open new local, sync to central, relinquish borrowed Enhancement: More detailed logging of load operations Enhancement: Tool available to run even if a project is not open in Revit


Projects and Families Upgrader – Bug Fix: Settings were not being retained when exiting the add-in


New Feature: The suite now supports Revit 2019, as well as 2018, 2017 and 2016. Plotter and Exporter – Bug Fix: When using custom settings for exports to DWGs and DXFs, versions were always made for the latest AutoCAD versions rather than the specified version.


Family Loader - Bug fix: Fixed an issue with loading families into a host family after updating any different CTC suite to a newer version.


Fixed an uninstallation issue where one or more .addin files could be left behind after uninstalling.


All Tools: Compatibility added for Revit 2018 Plotter and Exporter: New Feature - When defining a scheduled task, new right-click menu choices allow deleting configuration files from the task list. Projects and Families Upgrader: Bug Fix - Fixed an error that would occur if a family to be processed was really, really old.


Plotter and Exporter: New Feature: Added the ability to use a custom date format for file and folder names.


Plotter and Exporter: New Feature: The wildcard library editor now allows duplicating an existing wildcard (right-click / Duplicate). New Feature: The wildcard library editor now allows renaming an existing wildcard (right-click / Rename). New Feature: When performing a "Run Now" a new option will allow the process to execute in "preview only" mode. In this mode, no plots, files or folders are generated but the log will display what would happen if the current settings were to be run on the project. Enhancement: By request, when creating a new wildcard which uses filters, the default is now that "All" filters much match (an "and" filter) which is how Revit schedule filtering works. Previously the default had been "Any" filters must match (an "or" filter) Bug Fix: When starting Plotter and Exporter, the list of wildcards from the wildcard search library was not being displayed in alphabetical order within each view type. Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where sometimes a wildcard search for views wouldn't necessarily find all of the matching results. Also improved wildcard search processing. Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where going back to edit an existing wildcard search may lose custom parameter values for which to search Projects and Families Upgrader: New Feature: You can now specify a view by name to be used to override the preview image. If no view with the name specified exists, it will do its best to preserve the old preview image, or pick the most appropriate view if none can be determined. Bug Fix: Preview images should no longer be able to get lost after an upgrade.


Plotter and Exporter: New Feature: Can now export CTC Model Compare snapshot files.


Plotter and Exporter: Bug Fix: Fixed an error that could appear when configuring the scheduler Bug Fix: Fixed an error that could appear when an email needs to be sent Project and Families Upgrader: New Feature: The user can now select "Open Workset Defaults" when central files are upgraded Bug Fix: Fixed a condition that may result in CAD files not copying and their paths not updating correctly


Suite bug fix: - Fixed backward compatibility issue between this suite and BIM Manager Suite’s "Family Processor" tool version 17.0.1 or older, which prevented Family Processor from running at all. Plotter and Exporter bug fixes: - Fixed an error that prevented creating or editing wildcard searches - Fixed an error that would appear when launching the tool if no sheets exist in the current project Family Exporter bug fix: - Fixed an error that prevented actually exporting families. Project and Families Upgrader enhancement: - The file C:\ProgramData\CTC\Projects and Families Upgrader\FileOpenDialogAutomation.txt will now be created and used to control how pop-up dialogs are dismissed when projects are opened.


Plotter and Exporter bug fix: - Sheets would not be available for selection (or exporting) if more than one title block were used on any sheet. This has been fixed. Project and Families Upgrader enhancement: - When upgrading central files in the same location, "Relinquish All Mine" is performed before saving.


Installer now lets you choose not to install the free CTC PDF Writer. It can also be excluded with a command-line parameter for silent installs. Plotter and Exporter new features: - View/Sheet Sets defined in a project can now be used to define the views and/or sheets to plot or export (by view/sheet set name) - Now supports exporting FBX files - If more than one project file is open, the current settings can be applied to any selected projects all in one export run Plotter and Exporter enhancements: - When building a wildcard search for sheets, new parameter filters have been added to help find sheets of a specific size: Sheet Width, Sheet Height and Title Block Name - Parameter Filtering comparisons now allow for a very small tolerance due to rounding errors caused by how Revit stores data, for more accurate comparisons. - More robust handling of printers and print settings during PDF exports and printing. Plotter and Exporter bug fix: - Affecting Revit 2014 only, fixed an issue where Navisworks exports could fail Project and Families Upgrader enhancement: - Upgrade in new location improved when processing workshared models - now opens detached prior to relocating Project and Families Upgrader bug fixes: - Upgrade in Current Location error "The central model was saved in a different version of Revit" has been resolved - "Refresh" folders errors corrected


Plotter and Exporter: - When defining a Wildcard Search for views or sheets, you can now search by parameter values (for example, a yes/no Project Parameter called "Export to PDF" bound to the Views category = Yes) - When the Run Now dialog appears, if exactly 1 PDF file is to be generated, a new option allows opening that PDF file after it is successfully generated. - PDF and physical printers available now are not queried until absolutely needed, for a more responsive UI. Project File Upgrader: - Renamed to Projects & Families Upgrader - Now also upgrades family files - Can now modify upgraded project and family file names with prefix, suffix, and find/replace - When upgrading projects, can now optionally copy linked CAD files to new location


Initial release.
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