Breadcrumb PRO (2018)

Breadcrumb PRO (2018)

Win64, English

Optimizer Tools
Communicate better, request information faster and correct or make decisions faster than ever, using Breadcrumbs!

General Usage Instructions

Getting started

 Press “Load BC” to load Breadcrumbs families to your Autodesk® Revit® project

  1. Open any view to start placing Breadcrumbs. Press the “Add BC” to get started.

  2. Open the “Settings” tab and type the user name information and select discipline

  3. Use the drop down menu to select which Worksets are to be used, to store active and closed issues

  4. Press the “Add” button in the “Settings” tab to create common issues you want to share with other team or project members

  5. Open the “Add BC” tab to start placing Breadcrumbs to your Revit project

  6. Select type of issue in the drop down menu and select any element in your view

  7. Check mark “Add tag” if you want to add tag to the Breadcrumb, type offset value and choose which phase the Breadcrumbs should belong to

  8. Press “Add” to place the Breadcrumb

 Close solved Breadcrumbs

 Select the Breadcrumbs which are solved

  1. Check mark the “BC Complete”  instance parameter

  2. Run the BC tool named “Update” in order to move the solved issue to a Workset that is used for closed issues

View active Breadcrumbs 

  1. Open any pre-loaded schedule of any discipline and view active and unsolved Breadcrumbs

  2. Select any Breadcrumb in the schedule you want to view

  3. Press the “Highlight in Model” to view the Breadcrumb


It is highly recommended to create standard issues types and load these settings into your Breadcrumbs settings. Examples of standard issues could be such as: ED – Element Deleted, EM – Element Moved




The installer that ran when you downloaded this plug-in from Autodesk App Store has already installed the plug-in. You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the plug-in.
To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

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