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Ltd " Future BIM "
Future is a plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® that contains a set of features that can significantly speed up the creation of models, release of documentation for engineers, architects and BIM specialists.

General Usage Instructions

1. Start Autodesk Revit

2. Open any project

3. On the toolbar, open the "Future" tab

4. All functions of this plugin are available to you.

5. Brief Description:

   - move the cursor over the function icon and wait 5 seconds

6. Detailed description:

   - move the cursor over the function icon and press F1

   - open the pdf document "Future_Help" attached to this program 

   - go to the site page https://futurebim.ru/en/articles/reference



1. Supported versions of Autodesk Revit

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

2. Installing the program

The program has its own installation algorithm, which provides the following features:

- Autodesk Revit interface language is automatically detected.

- It is possible to select the Windows user for which the plugin will be installed

Administrator rights are required only when installing the plugin. In the future, since the plugin is installed for each user separately, automatic updates are installed without administrator rights.

3. Removing the program

The program is uninstalled through the standard Windows Add / Remove Programs mechanism. Program name: Revit Future

4. License system 

After completing the registration procedure on the site and receiving the key, the user needs to go to the Future tab> Support> Activation

Additional Information

Help and tooltips

Ribbon tips

When the cursor hovers over a tool on the ribbon, Revit displays a tooltip by default. The tooltip contains a short description of this tool. If you hold the cursor on the ribbon for a while, additional information is displayed (if available). While the tooltip is displayed, you can press the F1 key to display context-sensitive help, which provides more information about this tool at https://futurebim.ru/en. When you press F1 before the tooltip is displayed, the default Help topic is displayed instead of the corresponding context-sensitive help topic.


The version of the program can be viewed by clicking the button "About the developer"

Maintaining the program life cycle

The plugin's existing algorithms are optimized based on user feedback. New functions are added as the technical need of our partner companies.


Updates automatically after closing all instances of Autodesk Revit

Error information:

When errors occur, the User has two options for contacting the technical support service:

1. Through the button in the plugin "Write a problem"

2. By sending an email to help.futurebim@gmail.com

Staff required to provide support: 

Errors are eliminated by the Lead Programmer in the order of priority of the tasks set in the project management system.

Known Issues


Company Name: Ltd " Future BIM "
Support Contact: help.futurebim@gmail.com

Author/Company Information

Ltd " Future BIM "

Support Information

Types of licenses

Currently, there are two licensing schemes: a trial version for 30 days and a commercial version with a subscription for 12 months.

1. Single User / Corporate License

This type of license allows you to use all the functions included in the Software. The possibility of purchasing several license keys is available for each user. The validity period of each license key is one year from the date of activation.

After payment, a letter with a key or activation keys will be sent to the address you specified during registration. From now on, this address is an administrator account.  

In your personal account in the section "My purchases" on the website https://futurebim.ru/ you can:

View information about all activation keys

Deactivate key

Add comments to the key (username and so on)  

2. Trial license

A single-user license that allows you to use all the features included in the Software. This license key is valid for thirty days from the date of activation.   

The end of the subscription.

Upon expiration of the license key, all functions of the plugin are blocked for the user. There is no automatic renewal mechanism at the moment. The user will need to buy the license key again or contact the support service help.futurebim@gmail.com to renew the existing keys. 

All instructions are available on the website at: https://futurebim.ru/en/articles/reference

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Final version
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