doXenter Transfer

doXenter Transfer

Win64, English

The DoXenter transfer is an easy and free way to transfer large files.

General Usage Instructions

You can create an unlimited number of folders and, you can invite an unlimited number of members. Unlike other transfer from tools, DoXenter has the capability of resuming the transfer where it stopped at. Which means you can shut down or restart your computer or just decide to go and continue uploading from your home. It is totally fine with DoXenter, as it will continue where it was stopped at.




An installer/uninstaller wizard will guide you setup or remove doXenter.

Additional Information

doXenter requires a framework .Net 4.5.2. 

Please make sure your firewall doesn't block it. 

Known Issues

firewall blocks the software to connect to internet


Company Name: LTFSOFT
Company URL:
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

A live chat is available 24/7, or you can contact us at any time via

Version History

Version Number Version Description

1. The bug in the download has been fixed. 2. Enhancement of creating folder. 3. Now, from the same interface, you can create a folder and invite people. 4. The contextual menu is available with a simple right click. 5. You can open the activity history of the selected folder with a simple right-click. 6. You can invite more people to the selected folder with a simple right click.

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