CTC BIM Project Suite 2024

CTC BIM Project Suite 2024

Win64, English

CTC Software
Automate tedious tasks, use the power of Excel® with Autodesk® Revit®, manage content, compare a project at 2 points in time, validate families in rooms, and much more. For Revit 2020 to Revit 2024.

General Usage Instructions

While a detailed user guide is provided with this application, clicking on a button in the ribbon will launch the associated tool.

Each tool has its own workflow and set of functionality which is spelled out in detail in the user guide.

The following video playlist will explain each of the tools and their workflows in more detail: BIM Project Suite


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Detail Link

This tool automates the process of linking Autodesk® AutoCAD® DWG details for use in the Revit project environment.

Length Calculator

This tool is designed to assist during the design phase of duct, pipe, conduit or cable tray layouts by quickly calculating the length of a run.

Quick Select

This tool quickly changes which elements are selected by using filters for categories, parameter values, and views.


This tool provides a fast and simple way to renumber your rooms and doors, including adding separators and suffixes to room and door numbers.

View Aligner

This tool allows explicit edge, center and internal level alignment across multiple views, instead of just the basic drag alignment. This works both on a single sheet, and across multiple sheets.

Fab Sheets

This tool assigns elements to an increment/sequence via parameter values, generates views and places them on sheets.

Fire Rating

This tool automates the assignment of fire ratings and the generation of fire rating graphics for life safety plans.

Invisibility Advisor

This tool helps you determine why an element may not be visible in a view.

Model Compare

This tool allows taking data "snapshots" of a project and compares the differences as the project changes.

Occupant Flow Analyzer

This tool can be used to help determine possible paths between points, their distances, routes affected by impassible objects and perform occupancy related calculations.

Parameter Jammer

This tool modifies families in a project so they work with the project's schedules.

Revision Manager

This tool lists revision information, including view and sheet associations, and allows the results to be saved to a spreadsheet file. Revision changes can be made as well.

Room Data Sheets

This tool assists with the creation of datasheets for both rooms and spaces.

Room Family Manager

This tool enables defining, maintaining and validating the family content of each room using room type definitions.

Schedule XL

This tool will create one or more schedule or drafting views from one or more spreadsheet worksheets, allowing automatic updates when opening the project.

Sheet Assistant

Sheet Assistant is purpose-built to edit sheet layouts by aligning multiple views across multiple sheets, and it assists in the view placement of multiple views across multiple sheets.

Spreadsheet Link

This powerful tool exports data from Revit to a spreadsheet where the data can be easily edited and then loaded back into Revit. Powerful embedded spreadsheet functions can be used without requiring external spreadsheet software.

Spreadsheet Link Express

This tool runs Spreadsheet Link automatically, using previously-saved settings.

View Creator

This tool enables Revit users to quickly and consistently create views in their projects.

Model Dashboard

This tool provides an in-model analytics dashboard for Revit projects to help you detect problems early.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from the Autodesk App Store will start installing the app/plug-in. OR, simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin. You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the app/plug-in. To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button. OR use the standard Windows application uninstallation system, as you would for other software.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: CTC Software

Author/Company Information

CTC Software

Support Information

For product support, please visit: https://ctcsoftware.com/support

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Fire Rating -- Enhancement: Choose shared parameters to be used when applying fire ratings Bug Fix: Fixes a condition where ratings were not being placed on walls within rotated scope boxes in the view. Model Compare -- Enhancement: Taking snapshots is now typically 25-50% faster Enhancement: Loading older saved snapshots for comparison is vastly faster Bug Fix: Addresses the configuration file saving feature that was not filtering or saving as the correct file extension Bug Fix: Addresses issue with loading older snapshots causing errors. Model Dashboard -- Bug Fix: Addresses incorrect reporting of synch to central times and dimension types Revision Manager -- New Feature: Filter views and sheets prior to loading. Enhancement: Revision Clouds are included in the export/import xlsx editing feature. Schedule XL -- Bug Fix: Corrects a condition where underlined text was not formatted correctly in the schedule Sheet Assistant -- New Feature: Creating new sheets works directly with Spreadsheet Link View Creator -- New Feature: Now uses Spreadsheet Link for the batch sheet creation feature.


Invisibility Advisor: - Bug Fix: Addresses an error that could occur when trying to find elements Schedule XL: - Enhancement: Improvements to the processing time when opening in models with large numbers of spreadsheet references. Sheet Assistant: - Bug Fix: Fixes an error that can be produced when invoking Options


NEW TOOL! Model Dashboard - This tool provides an in-model analytics dashboard for Revit projects Model Compare: - New Feature: The scheduler now allows replacing configuration files - Bug Fix: Resolves errors that could occur when comparing some snapshots Occupant Flow Analyzer: - Bug Fix: Resolves issues with paths failing because of OOTB and other door libraries View Creator: - New Feature: Area plans now included in plan/ceiling creation - New Feature: Can now choose to apply view template settings only or assign a view template - Enhancement: Restructured options UI to include new features and functions - Enhancement: Plan and 3D view creation UI significantly improved with more options to control naming and scope - Enhancement: Processing and performance improvements - Enhancement: Several enhancements to sheets and titleblocks functionality - Enhancement: Improved the batch sheet creation function and UI - Enhancement: Several enhancements to plan and ceiling creation functionality - Enhancement: Several enhancements to dependent views functionality - Enhancement: View scope boxes now displayed in alpha-numeric order


This version supports Revit 2024


IMPORTANT: This product is in the new "CTC BIM Suites" unified installer, which no longer requires administrative privileges to install, and lets you choose which CTC products to install. Renumbering -- New Feature: New feature allowing users to pick a parameter to renumber by in the general tab View Aligner -- Enhancement: Align images on sheets Enhancement: Align by level is improved Fire Rating -- New Feature: Fire rating mappings can be saved inside a project Model Compare -- Bug Fix: Resolves issues with scheduling snapshots Room Family Manager -- Bug Fix: Resolves an issue with the placeholder family disallowing to create or edit types Schedule XL -- New Feature: Use spreadsheets that are stored on BIM360 docs in Revit New Feature: Assign view templates to schedules in Schedule XL Spreadsheet Link -- New Feature: A list of recently used spreadsheets is now available in the open menu Bug Fix: Resolves an issue with multi-category schedules and mixtures of same name instance/type parameters


Entire Suite -- Bug Fix: Fixed incompatibilities with Dynamo


Fire Rating -- Bug Fix: An issue with detail component mapping and some combinations of options is addressed Renumbering -- New Feature: Users can now specify a starting number and increment value when renumbering. Revit File Properties -- New Feature: Shows basic type information when analyzing a family Bug Fix: Resolved an issue where the app could not detect the Revit file versions when Revit is not installed on the C drive View Aligner -- New Feature: Align views by same grids New Feature: Align views (plan orientations) by intersection of two grids Entire Suite -- Enhancement: Improved licensing screen for clarity


Fixed an issue where some users may have difficulty logging in for cloud shared licenses Sheet Assistant: Bug fix -- Creating new sheets and applying views based on an existing sheet were not placing the views.


NEW: Cloud Shared Licensing option! Now supports Revit 2023 Room Data Sheets: Bug Fix - Room Key Plan was not printing Bug Fix - Fixed an issue that could happen with rooms created by dRofus Room Family Manager: Bug Fix - Swap families tab was not working Bug Fix - Was not respecting some units of measure Spreadsheet Link: Bug Fix - Fixed an error that could occur when initializing some parameters View Aligner: Enhancement - Now aligns text to objects, not leaders those objects may have View Creator: Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with automatic selection of a second title block if one had already been selected


Quick Select: - Bug Fix: Fixed some missing visibility buttons Renumbering: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the app could lock up when renumbering doors Spreadsheet Link: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with saving settings Schedule XL: - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue requiring Excel files to be saved


Spreadsheet Link: - NEW FEATURE! Now supports multi-category schedule data - NEW FEATURE! Can now include the Main Model in filters - Enhancement: Now works with Duct and Pipe Insulation and Lining categories - Bug Fix: Fix for missing unit symbols - Bug Fix: Fix for sort options not being saved in settings - Bug Fix: Spatial Objects name and number parameters uneditable in Revit 2022 - Bug Fix: fixed issue where some parameters were not being applied in Revit 2022 - Bug Fix: fixed issue with "Create new sheets" not functioning - Bug Fix: fixed issue with inability to edit parameter values Schedule XL: - Bug Fix: fixed issue with text placement - Bug Fix: fixed issue with wrapped text Parameter Jammer: - Bug Fix: Fixed issue with invalid shared parameter files


This product now supports Revit 2022 NEW AMAZING TOOL! View Aligner: Instead of the basic drag alignment, View Aligner allows explicit Edge, Center and internal level alignment across multiple views. This works both on a single sheet, and across multiple sheets. Streamline sheet assembly with this simple free tool today.


Spreadsheet Link -- New Feature: Added additional sorting fields for more control of the output Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where engineering units were applied to type names that looked like this: 2E3 would produce 2.00E+0003 View Creator -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Error When Launching View Creator on some projects Schedule XL -- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where cell borders were missing after import in Revit 2021. Occupant Flow Analyzer -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Issue where unplaced rooms and areas and spaces were causing an error upon launch Invisibility Advisor -- Bug Fix: Fixed an Issue where the program failed to launch for certain types of projects


Entire Suite -- Bug fix: Fixed an issue that may cause problems accessing BIM 360 in Revit 2021


Entire Suite -- Added support for Revit 2021


Revision Manager -- Enhancement: Option to change revision cloud visibility on app startup - Off, On(Always run), Auto(Runs only a few seconds) Entire Suite -- Stability and performance enhancements


The free Length Calculator tool has been returned to BIM Project Suite. Occupant Flow Analyzer: Bug Fix -- Fixed issue with phases


Fire Rating: Enhancement -- Graphics can be applied to or removed from walls of specified phases - some selection inconsistencies may occur due to API limitations in Revit versions 2017 and 2018 Enhancement -- Tag removal is now carried out for walls that meet the user selections including links Bug Fix -- Fixed issue with insertion of some tag types Occupant Flow Analyzer: Bug Fix -- Fixed an error that would prevent the tool from loading some projects Parameter Jammer: Enhancement -- Parameter Jammer should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors Revision Manager: Bug Fix – Fixed issue with dependent views and phases Bug Fix – Fixed revision filter on export Room Data Sheets: New Feature -- New choice for how background processing should occur Enhancement -- Title block names are displayed as type and family name Schedule XL: New Feature -- Added feature to control overall width of the schedule on a sheet Enhancement – Will allow schedule views with - () {} $@&!_ in the view names to be created from spreadsheets. Note - Excel does not allow brackets Enhancement – Auto-update setting is now off by default Enhancement – Tracking view changes can be disabled to improve performance on projects with a large number of linked schedules Bug Fix -- Improved auto-sizing of merged cells Spreadsheet Link: Enhancement - Spreadsheet Link should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors Suite Settings: Enhancement: Suite Settings should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors User Guide: Bug Fix -- Previously missing changes to Revision Manager now updated in the user guide View Creator: Enhancement -- View Creator should work much better on scaled-up 4K monitors.


Spreadsheet Link -- Enhancement: Can now work with projects that have duplicate non-shared project parameters Room Data Sheets -- Enhancement: Performance improvements – user controlled background view size estimation and notifications of overly long processing times required Bug fix: Corrected title block name listing Fire Rating -- Enhancement: Improved tracking and removal of graphics generated by the tool Enhancement: In Revit 2018 and newer, can now add tags to linked Revit model walls Model Compare -- Enhancement: Can now take snapshots of projects with duplicate non-shared project parameters


Entire Suite -- New Feature: Revit 2020 is now supported Model Compare -- Enhancement: By customer requests, when filtering for Model Compare snapshots, parameter name filtering no longer applies to project parameters. All project parameters are always retrieved.


Entire Suite: New Feature: A "Contact Support" button has been added to the Revit ribbon and within each tool. This button can be hidden if desired. Room Data Sheets -- New Feature: Room Data Sheets now flattens adjacent boundary walls that are parallel or have angles of less than 20 degrees. This will allow creating elevation views on almost-flat multi-segment walls with possibly curved segments.. New Feature: Now creates key plans for rooms and spaces Schedule XL -- New feature: Now supports optional conditional formatting Enhancement: Improved cell size handling


NEW TOOL: Occupant Flow Analyzer This tool can be used to help determine possible paths between points, their distances, routes affected by impassible objects and perform occupancy related calculations. Fire Rating – Enhancement: All types of detail component families are now listed as options for linework generation Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with validation of line-based families Fab Sheets – Enhancement: Now possible to delete sequences even if there are associated increment definitions Room Data Sheets – Enhancement: Added parameter: Cut Plane Offset. This parameter governs the distance between the wall (or wall chord for curved walls) and the elevation cut plane Room Family Manager – Bug Fix: Fixed issue where excess families and other options were not being set


Schedule XL New Feature Update and apply graphics settings to multiple schedule and drafting views simultaneously Schedule XL Bug Fix Addressed issue with text sizing Schedule XL Enhancement Enabled dismissal of dialog warning about changes to schedule properties Schedule XL Enhancement No longer requires Microsoft Excel installed on the machine to update schedules with images Schedule XL Bug Fix Resolves issue where cell sizes may be inaccurate in some circumstances and configurations Room Data Sheets Enhancement Improved view range specifications Room Data Sheets Bug Fix Fixed issue where reflected ceiling plans could not be created in some cases


BIM List - Bug Fix: Resolved an issue which prevented processing Revit 2019 family files Fire Rating -- Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where walls could not be found by the application when the project and survey elevation values differ or a view range has been set to "unlimited" Invisibility Advisor -- Enhancement: Added option to exclude linked Revit projects, significantly reducing query durations while examining the model Parameter Jammer - Bug Fix: Fixed and issue with incomplete listing of parameters from schedules Revision Manager - Enhancement: Enabled the ability to report the detail number of a dependent view with revisions Room Data Sheets: Enhancement: Improved view naming and ordering of elevation views


New Feature: The suite now supports Revit 2019, as well as 2018, 2017 and 2016. Schedule XL -- Enhancement: Further improvements to font sizing, spacing and overall fidelity of schedule views in Revit 2018.2 and up Room Data Sheets -- New Feature: Rename mulitple RDS views and sheets in a single operation New Feature: Select multiple rooms for view/sheet creation at one time


Spreadsheet Link - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with Spreadsheet Link not reporting any parameters for the Materials category.


All Tools: Now support Revit 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Model Compare: New Feature - When defining a scheduled task, new right-click menu choices allow deleting configuration files from the task list. New Feature - Added the ability to use a custom date format for file and folder names when scheduling snapshots. Schedule XL: Bug fix - Now allows some special characters, such as parenthesis, in the names of worksheets.


BIM List Admin: New Feature: Ability to assign tags to contents. BIM List Browser: New Feature: Ability to search contents by tag. Parameter Jammer: New Feature: Can now jam parameters into multiple families in the project in a single operation Project Link: New Feature: Ability to open old Project Link files (.projlink) Bug Fix: Minor interface fixes Revision Manager: Enhancement: Clearer presentation of read-only cells on the Report Tab Bug Fix: Fixed sizing of columns in data grid with a large number of revision sequences Room Data Sheets: Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with elevation view generation for rooms with upper limit bound to the level above Spreadsheet Link: New Feature: Ability to change View Template. View Creator: New Feature: New UI that allows to assign View Templates to Views.


New Tool: Room Data Sheets This new tool assists with the creation of data sheets for both rooms and spaces. Project Link: Enhancement - Completely overhauled the user interface and functionality. Simpler setup, easier editing, semantic tagging, flexible structure and appearance. Fab Sheets: New Feature - Export sequence and increment data Enhancement - Optimized view filters applied to selection views Model Compare: New Feature - Model Compare now allows the scheduling of snapshots, so they can be taken after hours, unattended. Enhancement - Improved default configuration settings and logging Schedule XL: Enhancement - Improved performance with 20+ and very large Excel spreadsheets Bug Fix - Fixed issue with monospace fonts and text width in Revit 2017


BIM List: New Feature - Notifies the users when a server or cloud database is deleted Detail Link: Enhancement - Remembers last used settings Fab Sheets: New Feature - Specify view templates for schedule view creation New Feature - Create sheet views for increments of sequences New Feature - Create selection views for increments of sequences Enhancement - Choose new methods for applying view filters to generated views Enhancement - Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments Parameter Jammer: Enhancement - View and save report log of operations ScheduleXL: Enhancement - Find Replace function can be used to repath multiple links Enhancement - Vertical text in headers now displayed vertically in schedules and drafting views Enhancement - Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments Spreadsheet Link: Enhancement - Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments Enhancement - Allow selecting a category even if no instances of category exist in the project View Creator: New Feature - View templates tab added to facilitate associating templates and views Enhancement - Filter selectors added to applicable tabs Enhancement - Rename plans/ceilings views Enhancement - Context menus added to improve item selection Enhancement - Improved storage of settings in the project, particularly for workshared environments Enhancement - Schedule view templates automatically excluded in UI when appropriate Enhancement - The dependent views tab now excludes duplicate names of scope boxes Bug Fix - Resolved issue where View Creator may interfere with CTC Plotter & Exporter dialog


BIM List Admin New Features: - Can now connect to the new BIM List Cloud service (store your families in the cloud!) - Can now generate key files for controlling BIM List Cloud service access BIM List Admin Enhancement: - Improved performance accessing remote and cloud databases BIM List Browser New Features: - Can now connect to the new BIM List Cloud service (store your families in the cloud!) - Full-sized image previews are now available via right-click BIM List Browser Enhancements: - Added support for alternative database folder location - Improved stability on virtualized Revit workstations - Improved performance when switching databases Revision Manager Enhancement: - Performance improvements for very large amounts of revision data Suite Changes: - Spreadsheet Drafter has been removed from this suite. All of its functionality (and more) is now in the Schedule XL tool. - Schedule Parameter Resolver has been moved to the BIM Manager Suite per several customer requests


Schedule XL Bug Fix:
  - Fixed a rare issue with views previously created by Schedule XL not appearing in the list on later launch.

Model Compare Bug Fix:
  - Fixed comparison errors that may occur for survey points and schedules that have columns with no header.

Entire suite:
  - Misc. performance and stability improvements


NEW TOOL:  Schedule Parameter Resolver
 - Schedule Parameter Resolver makes it fast and easy to synchronize multiple schedules with the right parameter information by changing the parameter definitions in the schedule to match the parameters used in families within the project, without losing the schedule formatting.

BIM List New Features:
 - New option: enable BIMList Browser to always open when a project is loaded
 - Content tab export function: export content list to spreadsheet

BIM List Enhancements:
 - Processes additional system family categories in databases: columns, mullions, slab edges, wall sweeps, fascias, gutters
 - The content tab view now displays more information about content in the database such as date added, last updated date.
 - Content tab report includes user ratings and number of times loaded
 - Search scope while in tabbed view now searches entire database
 - Database dropdown list sorts alphabetically

Fire Rating Enhancement:
 - Tag spacing is now supported on curved walls

Revision Reporter is renamed to Revision Manager.  New features:
 - New tab: Apply Revisions, associate a revision sequence to multiple sheets at once.
 - Manage Revisions tab has three editable fields: Mark, Comments and Issued

Schedule XL New Features:
 - Spreadsheets can now be drawn in drafting views (as well as in schedules)
 - Images in spreadsheets can now be placed in Revit schedules and drafting views (Revit 2015 and 2016 only)
 - Spreadsheets can be drawn in schedules and drafting views now based on Named Ranges in the spreadsheet


BIM List Enhancements:
  - Improved performance when switching databases. Browser will display a notice if database needs updating rather than doing it automatically
  - "Sort By" context menu (right click) now includes "Updated Date"
  - Improved node drag and drop in Tree View
  - Improvement to Content Update Tracker file and path handling of character case
  - Database list shows data location
  - Database upgrade improvements
  - Checks if database has valid characters in file naming.
  - Moved display options to a settings file under roaming profile
  - Can now add families with type catalog that has blank lines in it.
  - Content List tab now shows average rating and total load count.

BIM List Bug Fix:
  - Corrected issue when using Rename function, the database would not reflect the changes

BIM List Server (sold separately) Bug Fixes:
  - Corrected issue when using Rename function, the database would not reflect the changes
  - Larger amounts of data can be sent to BIM List Server, particularly if it's running on a 32-bit computer.

Fab Sheets Enhancement:
  - In some cases, project parameters which are associated to multiple categories could cause FS to no longer update sequences and views. FS will continue processing other items in the list when it encounters errors (as best as possible).

Model Compare Enhancement:
  - Can now create full project snapshots for very large projects (where the project file size is more than about 500 MB)

Parameter Jammer Enhancement:
  - Status column shows the list of auto-mapped parameters, unmapped parameters and their status.

Quick Select Enhancement:
  - Will no longer list the “Revisions” category as a valid option to select from the category drop-down to prevent user from deleting the revision definitions that causes Revit to crash.

Renumbering Enhancement:
  - Now keeps track of leading zeros when incrementing the sequence number.

Schedule XL Enhancements:
  - Independent Graphic Options -- Can specify graphic options differently for each linked schedule
  - Suppresses errors thrown by Revit during the document load (ie. user cancelled, corrupt project, addin conflicts)
  - Multi-column/view schedules -- Schedule XL allows users to automatically split very long schedules at specified heights or number of rows. Each resulting table is created as an individual schedule view.
  - Disable Auto Updates -- global setting now disables updates to schedules, regardless of their individual setting.  This has also been added to default deployment settings options.

Schedule XL Bug Fix:
  - Now has the “Request Feature” and “Report Bug” buttons on the About dialog

Spreadsheet Drafter Bug Fix:
  - Correct issue where in Revit 2016, monospace fonts would cause irregular cell formatting.

Spreadsheet Link Enhancements:
  - Advanced Save settings now includes .xlsm files to be specified and saved
  - Now allows scheduling categories with no instances
  - Now displays duplicate parameters with identical names for areas, rooms, spaces and zones if they exist
  - Can now create more than 100 elements at a time.

Spreadsheet Link Bug Fix:
  - Now properly displays Design Option and View Number values


Model Compare Enhancements:
 - Allows filtering snapshots to include only selected types of information, which can dramatically speed up the process of taking a snapshot and can simplify the resulting report
 - The engine for comparing two snapshots runs amazingly faster (about 10x faster)

Schedule XL Enhancements:
  - Allows including only the Print Area on each sheet to be placed in the schedule view.  If no Print Area is defined, the entire sheet is used
  - Allows specifying whether or not Auto Update should be on when adding new worksheets to the project
  - Improved handling of some word wrapped spreadsheet cells

BIM List Enhancements:
  - Browser now has an option to force update the local copy of the remote database when checking for the database updates
  - Browser now allows the user to load multiple family/project content in the active project
  - Browser now allows the user to load multiple family types in the active project
  - Browser has a new option to change the preview image size of the selected content to scale the image as per user requirement
  - Browser now allows the user to set a default content preview image size using the new Display Options dialog
  - Browser can automatically change the size of the content preview image on mouse hover.  This can be set using the new Display Options dialog
  - Browser has “expand all items” and “collapse all items” options in the display dropdown that expands and collapse all the tree nodes
  - Browser now has a new Clear button for the simple search
  - Browser now remembers the last selected group and tab
  - Browser allows the user to select more than one content at a time, so operation such as adding/removing the content can be performed on all the selected content
  - Browser's database update button is now more apparent. The button now has an image and text stating “Update Available”
  - Browser's in-project group is now added to the top of the group combo box in the tab view mode so it’s more consistent with the tree view mode
  - Browser's in-project group will no longer diisplay the in-place families
  - Browser now provides the ability to filter the database drop-down by name.  The filter setting is Revit version specific.
  - Admin will no longer allow the user to add a folder to a project

BIM List Bug Fixes:
  - Browser's drag-and-drop is now more consistent and works better on more computers
  - Browser's changing the database selection from the drop-down would not update the groups and tabs
  - Browser now respects the change to the “Allow user specific favorites” in the database option
  - Admin would keep the database lock file on the old BIM List Server even after the database is copied to a new BIM List Server

Parameter Jammer Bug Fix:
  - Some missing parameters are now showing up correctly

Revision Reporter Enhancements:
  - Will now automatically scan for revisions on startup.  The “Get Revisions” toolbar button has been removed as it is no longer applicable
  - “Save” button has been renamed “Save Report” for clarity, and the default report file name will now start with the current project’s name

Shared Parameter Manager Bug Fix:
  - Used to show an error message when the user selected the "Piping" discipline in the Add New Parameter dialog.

Spreadsheet Link Enhancement:
  - A much clearer message will be displayed if the active project has never been saved before.

View Creator Enhancement:
  - Can now create and/or update sheets



This is the first version to support Revit 2016.  Now supports Revit 2014, 2015 and 2016.

NEW TOOL:  Schedule XL
This tool creates one or more schedule views from one or more worksheets in a spreadsheet.  If the spreadsheet changes, the schedule views can be set to automatically update when the project is opened.  Otherwise they can be updated manually at any time.

Suite New Features:
  - Ribbon buttons can now be grouped under only two buttons:  Free Tools or Premium Tools, for better ribbon management.
  - The tab on which the ribbon buttons are placed can now be renamed, or the buttons can be hosted on the built-in “Add-Ins” tab.
  - A “Videos” button has been added in each tool, which will display only tool-specific videos in the web browser.  These videos are available as another resource for learning more about each tool and how to better use each tool. 

Suite Bug Fixes:
  - Node Locked licenses were not being allowed to be activated on Microsoft Surface devices
Active Directory-controlled settings may not have been getting applied correctly when disconnected from the network which contains the domain controllers.
  - Tools that read type catalogs will now read type names with double-quotes in them the same way Revit interprets it.
  - Tools that read type catalogs will now respect the option to skip duplicate type names without generating an error.

BIM List Enhancements:
  - Now brings along the attached details when copying a group from a project
  - Now remembers the content display mode (tab view or tree view) of the browser window
  - Now skips over duplicate type names in a type catalog
  - Now notifies the user during drag-and-drop if it is unable to locate a type name in the type catalog
  - Bug fix:  The admin tool would display errors when the user added very old families to the database.
  - But fix:  The browser tool did not load the types from the type catalog if the type name contained two double quotes.

Spreadsheet Link Enhancements:
  - Bug fix:  Now keeps the type parameter link intact when a sort is applied via settings. This was a problem with selected virtual type parameters such as the “Type Name” parameter.
  - Bug fix:  
Now remembers if the parameter sorting is set to none when saving settings to a file or the project.



BIM List New Features:
  - Now supports all system family types (such as Duct System Types,  Stair Types, Pipe System Types and many more)
  - System families in BIM List can now have a custom tab structure to sort and organize content
  - In Admin, families with type catalogs can now optionally be imported faster by not validating the type catalogs against the family files
  - Admin contains a content tracking system which monitors folders and alerts the user when new content is found, been deleted, or has changed.
  - Admin now has an “Ignore List” which allows excluding family files from the content tracking system.
  - Admin can now temporarily hide families from users, allowing administrators to fix families with issues without removing them from the database.
  - Admin now has a copy database function.  This can be useful for creating databases for different year releases of Revit.
  - Admin now has a find-and-replace function for the path to families.  This can be useful for creating databases for different year releases of Revit.
  - Admin can now change a database from Remote to Local or Local to Remote.
  - Admin can now change the remote server address stored within a database.
  - Admin nows allows exporting and importing groups and tabs directly from one database to another.
  - Browser’s interface has changed to be more consistent with other RET add-ins.
  - Admin and Browser will now remember the last known path to the remote server between sessions.

BIM List Bug Fixes:
  - BIM List’s type catalog reader can now read type catalogs that have 2 parameters with the same name which differ only by case.

Detail Link New Features:
  - Now supports importing images

Fire Rating Bug Fixes:
  - Fire Rating can now bypass walls that have no bounding box

Length Calculator Bug Fixes:
  - Incorrectly released previously as a paid tool.  Is now a Free tool.

Revit Properties New Features:
  - Can now show worksharing information if a project file is a local file that came from a project in Revit Server

Spreadsheet Link Bug Fixes:
  - Was including View Templates when the category was set to Views
  - Was reporting the Workset parameter as a type parameter in Revit 2015.  It will now correctly be reported as an instance parameter

General New Features:
  - Tools now have "Request Feature" and "Report Bug" as choices on the main pulldown menu and in the 'About' dialog, which will start the local e-mail client and pre-populate the subject and body with information about the tool being used for submitting ideas for new features or reporting issues found.



Parameter Jammer
 - Now can add parameters as instance or type
 - Now can source parameters from multiple schedules

Revit Properties
- Now can open the selected Revit file in the desired version of Revit

View Creator
- Now displays structural views in the dependent view tab

Fire Rating
- Now supports fire rating parameter
-Now recognizes walls from linked models

Misc. bug fixes



New Tool:  Fab Sheets
New Tool:  Parameter Jammer
New Tool:  Revit Properties  (Windows Explorer extension)

Spreadhseet Link
 - Now has a new dialog for saving advanced settings with the ability to save the spreadsheet to a user-specified location every time the settings are loaded using the Spreadsheet Link Express dialog
 - Now has the ability to change the faily type of an instance if the "Family Type" built-in parameter value is updated in the spreadsheet with the family name and type name

Model Compare
- Now allows saving and later reloading comparisons

Misc. bug fixes



Fixed an issue with node-locked licenses not activating correctly

  - Now allows the user to set a consant prefix to the renumbering sequence
  - Can now update the non built-in Mark parameter


The setup program now installs these tools for Revit 2013, Revit 2014 and Revit 2015 in a single setup.  Any other CTC add-ins installed must be updated to version 5.1.1 or later as well.

Spreadsheet Link
  - Improved sorting

BIM List (free)
  - Family preview image files are no longer locked open



This is the first release for Autodesk® Revit® 2015

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