GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit 2018 R2 (Trial)

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit 2018 R2 (Trial)

Win64, English

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit® is a powerful add-on with a wide range of tools and utilities suitable for Revit users of all disciplines including Architecture, Structures & MEP.

General Usage Instructions

GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit installs a new ribbon tab containing multiple tools covering a wide range of functionality. Please refer to User Guide provided or visit the app website for more information.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Impact Views Management

Automatically generate formwork drawings with all necessary details

Geometry Parameters

Add more geometry parameters to Revit Families.

Family Manager

Manage multiple Revit Families in a single window.

Family Exporter

Select and export multiple families to a project folder

Trim or Extend

Automatically trims or extends the extremities of close objects (does not affect elements that are not in the same plane)

Excel Tools

Connect an Excel sheet to the current project


Create custom legends.

Move XY

Move elements on both directions simultaneously.

3D CAD Visibility

Convert 3D DWG files to Revit Families.

Duplicate Sheets

Rapidly duplicates the sheets.

View Sheet Generator

Automatically creates a set of views for a selected assembly.

Cable Length

Calculates the cable length of a selected path.

Window Sill Tags

Add window sill tags.

Split Pipes

Divide ducting/pipes into defined lengths.

Level Dimensions

Automatically generates level dimensions within a vertical section.

Detect Errors

Points out elements that are not connected from a calculation point of view, and nodes that are abnormally close to each other

Stretch to Node

Automatically stretches the closest extremities of selected elements to a reference point

Reset Analytical Models

Resets the manual adjustments of the analytical model (for all models or a selection)

Quick Dimension

Add a dimension line that includes all selected elements.

Pipe Insulation

Create insulation on pipes and ducts based on the system type and thickness settings


Configure dimension options.

Pipe Openings

Auto-detect pipe/duct clashes and applies openings in structural elements

Join Dimension Lines

Join separated dimensions into a single chain.

Include in Schedules

Adds a new parameter to structural connection components to enable easy filtering in assembly schedules.

Stair Line

Add a continuous stair line.

Excel Link

Link XLS: Link Excel sheets to Revit project. Key Parameter: Link Excel sheets to Revit Families to add parameters.

To Model Line

Draws model lines on selected elements.

Door Side

Add and schedule a door side parameter.


Align views automatically or Vertically or Horizontally by: • Left/Right edge • Top/Bottom edge • Center Line • Line

BIM Connect

Link Revit model to Graitec Engineering software or transfer models to other packages using industry standard formats.

3D View

Create 3D views of your model and even displace each level of a multi-story building.

Edit Mark

Add variables/prefixes to existing mark numbers.

Exclude from Schedules

Adds a new parameter to structural connection components to enable easy filtering in assembly schedules.

Compute Volume

Calculates the volume of an assembly with or without subcomponents.



Element Lookup

Searches throughout the project database.

Auto Dimensioning

Automatically dimension a view.

Join & Unjoin Geometry

Select the type of element to join to another, and easily switch the order of the join condition


Powerful numbering tool that can be applied to any Revit category such as grids, doors, rooms, etc.

Export sheets to DWG

Export Revit Sheets to DWG.

Structure Tag

Add multi-material tags to structural elements.


Please use the downloaded package to install and uninstall the application. 


Please uninstall any previous versions of the PowerPack (including any trial versions) prior to installing this version.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description

2018 R2

R2 Release


Updated to Revit 2018 version.
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