Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2019

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers 2019

Win64, English

GRAITEC Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers offer next-gen tech for creating 3D rebar in Revit and able to use intelligent BIM data to design, generate & document 3D rebar for concrete frame structures

General Usage Instructions

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers installs a new ribbon tab and icons.

Please refer to User Guide provided with install or visit the product website for more information.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Access Help files About - displays version License Utility - register / manage license


Performs structural analysis of the selected element or project and generates the designed 3D rebar


Imports a .GTCX file for the selected element (applied using BIM Designers in standalone mode - to update the project with a single element redesigned by the engineer - also imports reinforcement updating the project model)

Design Templates

Allows design templates to be set for structural design calculations per element type


Defined the geometry of RC elements. Can be used to create new ranges of Types in the same Revit® Family.


Exports the selected element in .GTCX format (applied using BIM Designers in standalone mode - to send a single element to the engineer to be redesigned)

Footing Presizing

Performs a preliminary foundation design

Generate Drawings

Generates elevations and section views with tags, annotations and dimensions and places them on a sheet

Parameter Mapping

Enables custom or user created Revit Family data to be mapped to BIM Designer parameters

Design Assumptions

Defines the code parameters of RC members for concrete design

Design Status

Displays the calculation status of structural elements

Loads and Combinations

Adds and edits loads and load combinations for the selected structural element

Bar Stock

Defines the allowable or available bars sizes to be considered when designing rebar for the current project

Import Analysis Results

Configures the internal forces import method


Displays the reinforcement result obtained after the design process, comparing real reinforcement against required/theoretical

Reinforcement Assumptions

Defines the code parameters and preferences for reinforcement design


Displays structural analysis results graphically showing stresses, interaction curves, bearing capacity etc based on the selected element type


Select Country, Interface and Documentation Language, and International Design Standard

Customize Reports

Defines templates for generating reports

Generate PDF Report

Generates a PDF design report of the selected structural element, based on the specified design code Additional options include: Generates a DOC design report Generates a preview of the design report Access the report designer to create or customize design report templates

Customize Drawings

Selects the Revit Templates to use for generating drawings per each element type


Please use the downloaded package to install and uninstall the application

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