Naviate Core/MEP/Fabrication

Naviate Core/MEP/Fabrication

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Symetri US (Microdesk)
Naviate Core/MEP/Fabrication provides commands and features for automating project setup, model management, modeling efficiencies, and documentation processes for all disciplines.

General Usage Instructions

Naviate Core has features to streamline project setup, model management, and documentation. For easy project setup, you can use the Naviate Scopebox Manager to copy and update scopeboxes from linked models and then setup all your level-based views with the Sheet View Manager's configuration settings. Once your project is setup, you can quickly update project data using the Naviate Extract & Update features to perform roundtrip data updating utilizing Microsoft Excel. Quickly put together your documentation set by using the Naviate Sheet View manager to create, place, and align views and Sheets. You can then add tags with the Naviate tagging feature which allows you to specify tag placement locations and offsets relative to your elements. Lastly, use the Naviate Revision manager to add/remove multiple revisions from multiple sheets and create print sets of your revised sheets.

Naviate MEP allows you to streamline the design and coordination of MEP elements in 2D & 3D. Rapidly fit out rooms by blooming MEP runs from MEP smart connectors for any selected equipment or fixtures using the Naviate Bloom command. With Naviate Elbow commands, you can quickly route duct, pipe, conduit, or cable tray. Where MEP systems are clashing, you can now easily route around, under and over those elements with Naviate Reroute commands. Connecting and aligning elements in 3D is easier than ever when equipped with the many commands and features of Naviate MEP.

Naviate Fabrication seamlessly augments the design, modeling, and detailing workflows necessary for Fabrication. Naviate Fabrication contains many of the modeling efficiencies and workflows that MEP provides, but is specifically generated to work with ITM parts. This includes the Elbow routing & Bloom features mentioned earlier along with several others. Beyond the modeling stage, Naviate FAB universally assists detailers by automatically placing ITM or RFA hangers and sleeves with their associated total station points. BIMrx Fabrication carries the user to the end of the project providing an automatic spooling workflow that again works with both ITMs & RFAs. Modeling & Documenting in fabrication projects has never been easier with Naviate Fabrication.

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To Uninstall: Exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button. OR, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8.1/10/11) and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

Additional Information

For more videos on BIMrx check out the Microdesk Youtube channel with a playlist for each of the products:

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Symetri US (Microdesk)

Support Information

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Version History

Version Number Version Description

The v3.3 release of Naviate® for Revit highlights the following features: A rebrand from BIMrx to Naviate. A new license portal which gives users access to manage all Naviate licenses.

The v3.2 release of BIMrx® for Revit highlights the following features: General/Infrastructure New Commands & Features No new features Improvements & Enhancements General updated locations and sizes to command buttons in the Revit ribbon. BIMrx Core New Commands & Features NEW Sheet View Manager – Complete redesign to allow users to easily create views/sheets all within BIMrx, a new duplication module to easily duplicate views, added filtering capability to easily find views and sheets, and many more improvements in the brand-new Sheet View Manager Create Table for Drafting Views – Link Excel tables into Revit drafting views as lines, text, and filled regions Tag All – easily select multiple views to tag utilizing the BIMrx tag configurations SUM Parameters – moved from BIMrx MEP to BIMrx Core Improvements & Enhancements Extract & Update – Preview table before Importing and added functionality for exporting multiple schedules into individual files Create Table – now allows for linking of excel tables into Revit Schedules Renumber – improved UI and now has the ability to renumber by spline Elevation – now rotates with room orientation Tagging – added orientation options in tag settings and improvements to multi-selecting elements from linked models for the Tag Select Linked Elements command Align Text – the align commands now include the ability to align Revit text notes Print Set Manager – now allows for the ability to print multiple print sets and direct access to the Revit print settings BIMrx MEP  New Commands & Features Conduit based parameter tracking for Elbow Commands Conduit Data Transfer for maintaining data through a run Improvements & Enhancements Bloom Settings – Allows for Worksets to be specified BIMrx Fabrication New Commands & Features New Command, Heal Pipe, for combining multiple pipe segments into one Improvements & Enhancements Hanger Updates for Rod Lengths, linked elements, and trapezing to system family support Upgraded Sync Fab Parameters now included the Fabrication Properties Panel

The v3.1.0.2 release of BIMrx® for Revit highlights the following updates: BIMrx Core Parameter Transfer - Fixed issue when adding parameters of a specific manufacturer lighting family Tag Settings - Added ability to switch between multiple open projects Tagging Linked - Fixed issue when tagging linked rooms and excluded elements unavailable for tags. Tag Settings - Fixed issue that doesn't allow saving if there are missing values in the drop-downs Update Command - Fixed issue when updating the parameter for sheet issuance date, it adds a timestamp when there was none in the excel Sheet View Manager - Fixed issue with adding custom parameter named TEXT.Discipline BIMrx MEP Elbow - Fixed Issue where Elbow Fails on Vertical Duct MEP Copy Circuit - Fixed Issue Copy Level to Level The v3.1.0.1 release of BIMrx® for Revit highlights the following updates: BIMrx Core NWC Export - Fixed Export scope not mapping correctly Extract Selection ParameterFilter Dialog - Fixed moving parameters from one group to another by double clicking Extract & Update Schedules - Fixed error file produced even though the update was successful in updating the data Extract & Update Schedule - Fixed Issue with extract and updating Boolean's BIMrx MEP Conduit Run Break - Fixed Crashing/Freezing Revit on clicking Finish Bloom - Fixed Cable Tray Blooming in vertical direction in wrong orientation Bloom - Blooming from Fittings should inherit the connected systems System properties, and not that of the Bloom Setting Bloom - Filter out non-applicable elements from executing the command on (elements with NO MEP connectors)


The v3.1 release of BIMrx® for Revit highlights the following features: General/Infrastructure New Commands & Features Notification Center (BIMrx Core) - Notifies users when a new version of BIMrx is available and provides a download link. Improvements & Enhancements UIUX enhancements for for several dialog boxes. BIMrx Core New Commands & Features Print Set Manager - Easily manage and create print sets with smart filtering. Section Settings - Ability to set the default type of Section that is placed using the Section command. Dimension Grids - Automatically place dimensions for all parallel grids in a view. Match Instance Parameters - Match instance parameter values across selected families and types. Align Tags & Dimensions - Adds a dimension string along all grids in a view. Improvements & Enhancements Export NWC - Export/Import settings from XML file. Revision Manager - Improved UI. Ability to Export/Import via Microsoft Excel. Extract & Update - Improved UI. Improved functionality for exporting schedules. Added ability to export to a simple Excel format. Added ability to update values from empty cells in excel. Section - Users can now specify what side of the element to create a section on. Users can now select Linked elements to create sections. File Renamer - Improved UI. Ability to save concatenated settings. Tag Settings - Improved UI. One configuration file for all configuration settings. Added ability to create groups of individual configuration settings. Filter Select - Extended to work with filters that have no rules applied in their definition. Scopebox Manager - Scope Box mapping improvements. BIMrx MEP  New Commands & Features Roll Into Main - Ability to tie a branch into a main with a rolling kick with minimal clicks. Sum Parameters - Ability to select several elements and find the summation of like parameters. Improvements & Enhancements Align Branch - Pre-Selection Option: Ability to pre-select multiple elements of a branch before executing the command to align to a selected main. Align Branch - Flexible options for aligning elements in 3D based on user pick-points. Kick 90 - Added Multiple functionality. Route To - Added Multiple functionality. Rotate Fitting - Improved UI. Added 5 degrees as an option. Pre-selection Option: Ability to select multiple upstream elements to align to main. BIMrx MEP Settings - Improved UI. Added ability to control Bloomed elements. Bug Fixes Align Branch - Fixed non-restrictions in transposing alignment (for sloped pipe). Fixed instabilities with aligning sloped pipes. Move Connect - Small intolerances no longer an issue. Auto Break - Break Distance set to length of MEP runs between breaks. No longer deletes sections of MEP runs through process. Coupling Align - Aligns all selected couplings regardless of the direction the coupling was placed. BIMrx Fabrication New Commands & Features Added Revit Spooling Templates. Added Spool Service Tag and features. Added Spool Tag - Continuation Tag. Added Fabrication Hanger Location Points Intelligent Link. Location Points now have an Automatic Updater. BIMrx Fabrication Settings - Extended settings for Elbows and Bloom command. Improvements & Enhancements Hangers - Extended for Trapeze/Rack Hangers. Point Placement enhancements. BIMrx Fabrication DBS - Added HPH Price Codes. BIMrx Fabrication DBS - Added MCAA Labor Installation Times. Updated Sleeve Families to include additional flexible Points.

BIMrx Core New Commands & Features Imprint - Convert/Link PDF/Excel/Word onto Revit Views/Sheets Revision Manager – Add/Remove Revision and create print sets Integrate with Cloud Manager – Automatically export PDFs and NWC’s (Full Features will be included in a future release of Cloud Manager) Advanced Parameter Manager – Duplicate diagnosis​ Improvements & Enhancements Tag Select Improvements Round trip data between Excel and Revit using Extract and Updates new Parameter filter settings Renumber – now includes renumbering alphanumerically. Bug Fixes NA BIMrx MEP  New Commands & Features NA Improvements & Enhancements Merge Circuits – Expanded to allow for the merging of entire panels of Circuits onto another Panel Kick 90 – An expansion of the previous Roll into Conduit command which now also include pipes and round ducts Reroute Under/Over & Reroute Around – Multiple Selection Bloom – Expanded to allow for blooming individual conduit connectors for electrical elements Sloped Piping​ Bug Fixes NA BIMrx Fabrication New Commands & Features Floor Sleeves / Wall Sleeves Automatically place sleeves for pipe/conduit/duct elements penetrating existing floors and walls BIMrx Sleeves include nested Point families for export to Total Station Hangers Fab Hanger Rod Length Adjustments (Hanger Rod Extension) Hanger Points Placement Hanger Point Placement now integrates with Total Station Export to CSV (also integrates with Hanger Array, APM) New Selection BOM Hanger Feature Selection BOM for Hangers Improvements & Enhancements Spooling Auto Dimension 2D views / Auto populating Item Number Tags & Spot Coordinates in 3D views Export PCF (for pipes) (Selection Updates) Select Start and End to define Spool Elbows Elbow command places Fittings intelligently Elbow Up always places a truly vertical run even on sloped runs Bloom Now functions on Equipment Bug Fixes NA

General/Infrastructure New Commands & Features Support for Modeless Dialogs Support for Contextual Tabs Support for Progress Bar Added Material Design Support for F1 in Tooltip Videos Support for Multiple Languages Added Fabrication Containment Support for Revit 2022 Beta Agreement for Beta Releases Added Versioning to BIMrx Insights Added Option to Hide Deactivated Product Verticals Improvements & Enhancements Core Features Ability to be Added to Revit Quick Access Toolbar Merged Parameter Manager Code Into Advanced Parameter Manager UI Updates for Most Dialogs UI Updates for Several Icons Several Tooltips Updated Several Additional Tooltips Created Bug Fixes Removed Log File Writing to Desktop BIMrx Core New Commands & Features Create Table Scope Box Manager File Renamer Advanced Parameter Manager Export NWC Move To Nearest Elevation Renumber Find And Replace Improvements & Enhancements Sheet View Manager View Manager now includes: Ability to use Multiple View Types Faster Launching Speed Ability to Create Area Plans Improved Error Handling Notification for Duplicate Views Allows Lookups in Excel Export Improved Activating and Deactivating Parameters Optimized Lookup Excel Path Optimized Load Button to Respect Actual Column Order Optimized Prefix Capabilities Section Works on more elements (Architectural and Structural and MEP) with either a 2 or 3 click process Tag Select Name change Optimized Tag Placement Options Parameter Transfer Added notification warning when identical named Shared Parameters do not get copied CM+ Manager UI Updates Optimized managing BIMrx Families CM+ Color Toggle Updated Tooltip to include a Color Legend Bug Fixes Filter Select Fixed discrepancy in Revit Filters Extract Fixed warning message when trying to extract Sheet View Manager Fixed Prefix issue Fixed Import Settings issue Tag Select Fixed to not duplicate existing tags CM+ Manager Fixed load family looping issue BIMrx MEP  New Commands & Features Roll Into Conduit Add Circuit Remove Circuit Merge Circuit Copy Circuit Uppercase Load Name BIMrx MEP Settings dialog Improvements & Enhancements Custom Elbow Improved access setting in BIMrx MEP Settings Bloom Extended feature to BIMrx MEP Settings Move Connect Enhancement that allows for minor parallel movements and connections Bug Fixes Reroute Under/Over Fixed to work with cable trays and rectangular duct Elbow Up Fixed to work with cable trays and rectangular duct Elbow Down Fixed to work with cable trays and rectangular duct Elbow Left Fixed to work with cable trays and rectangular duct Elbow Right Fixed to work with cable trays and rectangular duct BIMrx Fabrication New Commands & Features Bloom Elbow Up Elbow Down Elbow Left Elbow Right Elbow Down 45 Rotate Fitting Rotate Fitting 180 Align in 3D Align Branch Align Branch + BIMrx Fabrication Settings Improvements & Enhancements Tag Select Name change Optimized Tag Placement Options Spooling Suffix added Improved View Title offsets Improved ability to create Plumbing Sheets for spooling Improved Prefix, Number and Suffix for spooling Hanger Array Improved window sizing Allows Round Pipe only Hanger Service Association Window will only display Loaded Services Move Connect Fab Optimized command for Fabrication Parts Move Align Connect Fab Optimized command for Fabrication Parts Bug Fixes Renumber Fixed renumber logic when renumbering ITMs Spooling Fixed Spool Manager tab No longer crashes while in the tab0 No longer crashes with saving spooling JSON Settings Fixed compatibility issues Move Connect Fab Fixed to work with angled pipe/duct segments
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