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Vertical and Mirror alignment of tags automatically based on a template tag.

General Usage Instructions

To align tags based on a template tag firstly, you should select one option of Vertical Alignment or Mirror Alignment.

if you choose the vertical option, you can enter the distance between tags which is based on the project unit. Afterward, you should push the insert button, you should select the template tag first, and then select other tags, which should be sorted based on the template tag.

To use the mirror alignment method, you simply need to select the Mirror-Pick Axis or Mirror-Draw Axis option and then choose the template tag. If you select Mirror-Pick Axis, you can simply pick a line or a Grid; if you select the Mirror-Draw Axis option you can draw a mirror axis using the mouse. If you push the Multiple alignment button, you can align tags multiple times.

please note that

  • it is not a good idea to select Grid as a line axis in the case of Mirror-Pick Axis if the active view is a section view. The best way is to draw a Detail line or Model line.
  • this plugin just works in 2D Views(Floor plans and section views), so it does not work truly in 3D views.
  • tags must have a leader line.

If you check the Multiple Alignment option, you can align the tags multiple times. you can exit from Multiple Alignment just by pressing the ESC button.



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Additional Information

Please notice that: 

  1. The distance should be based on the project unit
  2. You can exit from Multiple Alignment just by pressing the ESC button.

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Simpler way

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