DiRootsOne - 8 Productivity Tools

DiRootsOne - 8 Productivity Tools

Win64, English

8 Autodesk® Revit® Productivity Tools for Data Management, Filter, Model Checking, Drawing Production, Point Clouds, etc. Includes SheetLink, FamilyReviser, OneFilter, TableGen, SheetGen, ReOrdering,

General Usage Instructions

DiRootsOne includes plugins for Data Management, Filtering, Model Checking, Drawing Production, Point Clouds, etc.

Due to the extensive capabilities, all the usage instructions and tutorials are compiled in the link below:

Tutorials here.



Instructions to silent install, uninstall, and repair.

<installer-name>.exe /i // /qn accept_eula=1 LANG="EN"
<installer-name>.exe /x // /qn
<installer-name>.exe /fa // /qn

Additional Parameters to select the Revit versions:

The plugin available Revit version will be selected by default.

You can UNSELECT Revit versions by assigning an empty value.

<installer-name>.exe /i // /qn accept_eula=1 LANG="EN" revit2017="" revit2018="" revit2019=""

The command above will only install the plugin for Revit 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. The other versions will be skipped.  

Additional Parameters to select the plugin language (see example above):
English: LANG="EN"
Spanish: LANG="ES"
Portuguese: LANG="PT"
French: LANG="FR"

Admin permissions are required to perform the installation.

Additional Information

Do you need a Custom Revit Plugin? Get in touch!

Known Issues

All the known issues were fixed in the latest version.


Company Name: DiRoots
Company URL: https://diroots.com
Support Contact: support@diroots.com

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For support, bug reporting, improvements, or suggestions, please email us at support@diroots.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description


New Features - Compatible with Revit 2025.


New Features - [OneFilter][Premium] Level Tab - [ViewManager][Premium] Template Transfer Tab - [ViewManager][Premium] View Templates Tab - [ViewManager][Premium] View Range Tab Enhancements - [OneFilter][Levels] Add Premium Feature icon - [OneFilter] Allow user to select the Legend Scale Bug Fixes - [ViewManager] It’s not possible to delete a view - [SheetLink] Error when the user needs to log in to Google and closes spinner - [OneFilter] Error if the user doesn’t log in to Google in the estimated time


# Features - [SheetLink] Batch Export Schedules to Morta. - [OneFilter][Contains Tab] Scope Boxes as volume for selection in Onefilter - Contain Tab* - [TableGen] Allow user to select the scale of the Views that will be created* - [FamilyReviser][Health Tab] Export Report to Excel* - [FamilyReviser] Ability to rename Model Groups* # Enhancements - [SheetLink] UX Improvement when opening large Excel files. - [SheetGen] Avoid warning and provide the option to modify or ignore sheet numbering already in use. - [ViewManager] Add the View BuiltIn parameters to the table by default. - [ParaManager] Remember table headers across sessions. - [FamilyReviser][Health Tab] Cancel Health Check. - [FamilyReviser][Health Tab] Allow to sort by Status. - [TableGen][UI/UX] Add instructions link. # Bug Fixes - [SheetLink] The Progress bar not working for large models. - [PointKit] Out of Memory Exception (Array dimensions exceeded supported range). - [SheetGen] Not able to modify the existing sheet number after changing it to the new sheet number. - [SheetGen] Missing duplicate button and text cut in the French version. - [SheetGen] Incorrect warning shown while trying to modify sheets. - [SheetGen] Wrong warning saying "The Parameter is read-only" when duplicating sheets. - [FamilyReviser] Annotation Symbols not being translated. - [FamilyReviser] Disable work sharing in Revit template files (.RTE) because it's not supported by Revit.


# Security - Renew Digicert Code Signing Certificate.


# Enhancements -Ribbon colors for Revit 2024 dark theme modified to enhance text readability -Minor UI/UX improvements # Bug Fixes -[SheetGen] Clash with 3rd party plugin, not allowing to apply revision on sheets -[SheetGen] Schedules and legends not being listed in the view list -[SheetGen] Warning while trying to change the view -[TableGen] Unexpected XML tag exception -[OneFilter] Revit crashes while trying to use “3D view button” when there is no 3D view in the project -[SheetLink] Exception while trying to export in 2024 -[SheetLink] Import in PanelLink not working in some scenarios -[ParaManager] Error while trying to import shared parameters in Revit 2023 Czech version -[ParaManager] Error if distance type parameter exists in the project -[ParaManager] Values not getting modified inside the family environment in some scenarios -[ParaManager] Type of parameter automatically changing in the family environment -[ParaManager] Multi-selection not working in some scenarios -Other minor bugs fixed


# New Features - [Family Reviser] Import/Export from/to Excel to batch edit Family Name and Type Name # Enhancements - [OneFilter] Performance improvements - [OneFilter] Ability to isolate Model groups in visualize tab - [OneFilter] Contains tab – added support for more parameters # Bug Fixes - [TableGen] ParseException creating views from Excel - [TableGen] Schema Exception - [SheetLink] Error when importing view template values


# Enhancements - [SheetLink] Support for 'Calculations'parameter (e.g., in pipe systems and duct systems). - [ParaManager] Shared Editor - Added support for Family Type parameters. - [OneFilter] Add support for Space Separator lines. - [OneFilter] Contains tab: added support for additional categories - Ceilings, Ducts systems, Electrical Circuits, Lines, and Parts. - [OneFilter] Added support to colorize model groups in visualize tab. - [OneFilter] Ability to set the edges' color. - [TableGen] Performance improvements. - [FamilyReviser] Performance improvements. - [FamilyReviser] Ability to enable worksharing from inside the plugin. - [ReOrdering] Added support for the Viewport category. - Other UI/UX improvements. # Bug Fixing - [SheetLink] Casework category missing in Elements tab. - [SheetLink] Error while trying to import the integer value longer than 8 digits. - [SheetGen] Revit freezing when a view is occupied by another user. - [SheetGen] Duplicating sheets not copying the parameters to the new sheets. - [SheetGen] Only one Title Block getting duplicated in a with a Sheet. - [SheetGen] Duplicated sheet randomly switches numbers assigned to the details. - [ParaManager] Family Environment - Renaming family parameters not working. - [ParaManager] Issue typing "< and >" symbols in the formula column. - [ParaManager] New Parameter created in nested families doesn't appear in Nested Instance/Type. - [OneFilter] Rooms list is shown after deleting the rooms from the model. - [TableGen] Error when opening some Excel files. - [ReOrdering] Missing some parameters in the Viewport category - [PointKit] Not able to export DXF files in some scenarios. - Other minor bugs fixed.

# Enhancements - Minor UI/UX improvements. # Bug fix - [TableGen] Null Reference Exception in some scenarios. - [SheetLink] Wall Sweeps not appearing as subcategory of Walls. - [ParaManager] Not able to create new parameters in some scenarios. - [ParaManager] Error: specTypeId is not a measurable spec identifier. - [OneFilter] [Contains Tab] Error when searching for "Plumbing" category. - Incorrect translations.

# Enhancements - updater security # Bug Fixes - conflicts with the previous version of PointKit

# Bug Fixes - [ParaManager] Error in Spanish and German versions of Revit. - [ParaManager] Missing parameter types in Revit 2023.

# Bug Fixes - minor bugs fixed.
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