Ideate Explorer Trial

Ideate Explorer Trial

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Ideate Software
Ideate Explorer for Autodesk® Revit® gives you an easy, intuitive and profound way to search, filter, quantify and select elements in a Revit model.

General Usage Instructions

Use Ideate Explorer for Revit to audit Revit Projects or to make detailed selection sets as part of day-to-day production work. Select the scope of objects as the Current Selection, Current View, or Entire Project then browse for items by Category, Level, Phase, Room, Space, Zone, or Workset. Add further intelligence to your selection by using a text-based search to look into family and type names. Ideate Explorer can be used to zoom to selected objects. Additionally, any items selected within Ideate Explorer will be placed into the Revit selection set upon exiting Ideate Explorer. Actions such as deleting or modifying are then processed within Revit itself.

Ideate Query is a tool within Ideate Explorer that lets you search by parameter values.

Use the Navigate tab to browse Schedules, Legends, Reports, Sheets, and Views.

Use the Warnings tab to review and manage Revit warnings.




Ideate Explorer for Revit can be uninstalled or repaired from the Control Panel. Ideate Explorer for Revit is launched from the Ideate Software Tab.

Additional Information

Known Issues

Refer to Ideate Explorer >Help>Troubleshooting>Known Issues


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Author/Company Information

Ideate Software

Support Information

Contact Ideate Software via email at or browse for additional help online at

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Enhancements of this new version include: - Enhanced keyword search algorithm - Support for new Revit 2021 elements including: Infrastructure Direct Shape elements and linked PDFs For more details, please visit our Online Help portal - >


Read What's New topic in the online help for details:


Read What's New topic in the online help for details:


Compatibility with Revit 2019 building information model. Installation and licensing improved to simplify installation across Revit versions. Warnings tab added. Support for IFC and Dynamo created elements added.


Compatibility with Revit 2018 building information model. Data model enhancements for use with Query


Compatibility with Revit 2017 building information model.


Ideate Query Tool added Sort by Phase


·        Modeless dialog for faster editing experience.

·        Auto-hide option added to maximize Revit work area.

·        Double-click functionality changed to open tree view and zoom to element.

·        Revit Filter access provided to support customization.

·        Scope Box and Plan Region elements added to the Filter.

·        Removed curtain panel placeholder elements from element count for split curtains.

·        Performance improvements related to HVAC Zones.

·        Create Similar function added to right-click menu.


·        Project Auditing topics added to Help File.


• Support for Autodesk® Revit® 2016 objects including MEP Fabrication Parts

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