AGACAD Smart Browser – BIM Manager 2020

AGACAD Smart Browser – BIM Manager 2020

Win64, English

Agacad, an ARKANCE company
For organizing BIM content in Autodesk® Revit® libraries & projects. Make changes to dozens of families at one go! Quickly browse & load elements, modify parameters in-batch, create new types, & more!

General Usage Instructions

Smart Browser is for managing parameters in Revit content libraries. Keep project and external library families in-sync across your BIM team. Find differences between families in the project and families in the library. Families are always up-to-date since they instantly adapt to new LOD specifications, object standards, etc. Make rules-based additions and changes to BIM object parameters and values (i.e. no need to update Revit families one by one). With Smart Browser, you can:

  • Browse information from different angles
    • Store a library anywhere
    • Browse libraries
    • Search for a Revit Family
    • Load families
    • Drag-n-drop families
    • Review families without opening them
    • Group families for batch changes
    • Filter families for batch changes
  • Manage parameters in batches
    • Family parameter quality control
    • Change or copy values
    • Rename or delete families
    • Change category
    • Add a subcategory
    • Add, rename, or delete types
    • Rename types by rule
    • Add shared parameters, family parameters, or selected parameters
    • Rename, modify, or remove parameters
    • Replace with family parameter
    • Add formulas


The BIM Tree Manager module is for managing parameters inside your Revit project. Use the dynamic, automated-tree interface to find and isolate elements in current or linked Revit models, verify geometry and data at any Level of Development (LOD), and quickly fill in gaps or fix mistakes in real time. With BIM Tree Manager, you can:

  • Browse information from different angles
    • Group and quantify Revit objects
    • Filter Revit project families by different rules
    • Prepare a project browser
    • Work with multi-category elements
    • Roombook for multi-category elements
    • Instant selection of Revit elements through a table
    • Project quality control
    • Export to an external source
  • Manage parameters in batches
    • Project parameter quality control
    • Change or copy values
    • Copy value from Host, Host, Room, or Space
    • Copy Host Mark
    • Rename type by rule
    • Change type
    • Replace element and map parameters
    • Replace nested elements
    • Calculate orientation, elevation, coordinates, area, or values (write formulas)
    • Sort and Mark elements
    • Create a real Revit schedule
    • Create a new Shared Parameter




Install or uninstall the app according to standard procedures.

Download the app from the Autodesk App Store.

Double-click the file to start the installation process.

Follow the instructions on your screen. 

Installation file path: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2020

To uninstall, go to ‘Programs and Features’ on your Control Panel, select ‘TOOLS 4 BIM Dock 2020’ (published by AGACAD), and click ‘Uninstall.’

Additional Information

You can find E-Help in two ways: press F1 or click the E-Help button on the product main menu.

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Agacad, an ARKANCE company

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