Metal Framing Wall 2020

Metal Framing Wall 2020

Win64, English

Agacad, an ARKANCE company
BIM software for efficiently designing metal-frame walls

General Usage Instructions

Metal Framing Wall contains several modules that make framing metal walls fast and easy. 

  • Wall+M automates framing design work for steel walls.
    • Create detailed multi-layer metal wall framing for any Autodesk® Revit® project using predefined or custom rules and templates
    • Supports C+C (incl. C+C Chamfered), C+U (incl. C+U Special) and U+U framing systems
    • Frame multi-story houses 10x faster than using standard Revit interface
    • Easily configure supporting structure, openings, complex L or T connections, details, service hole positions, and more for straight or arched light-frame walls
    • Automate sheathing layouts
    • Frame architectural curtain walls with highly detailed elements and curtain panels (including complex fills and internal frames) precisely
    • Freely revise your Revit model with simple selection of the elements and properties you want to modify, find structural and engineering clashes
    • Perform structural analyses without leaving Revit at any stage of design process
    • Generate shop drawings and cut lists with one click; get real-time take-offs and views, auto-sorting and dimensioning, and optional export to any CNC machines (Howick, Metroll, Pinnacle, etc.)
  • Smart Walls  Revit addon is for managing walls in Revit, letting you:
    • rapidly disassemble layers into different wall types
    • fully control joins and gap distances
    • split walls into separate panels with predefined settings
    • insert gravity points
    • manage information with an export-to-Excel feature
  • Cut Opening creates openings with fire safety components throughout a Revit model where MEP intersects with walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, beams, and columns. Also creates openings with special holding details for structural beams.
    • Automatically creates openings where ducts, pipes, cable trays or conduits intersect walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, beams or columns
    • Automatically adds openings with predefined sizes in accordance with MEP line based element sizes, categories and system classifications
    • Automatically joins openings with predefined configurations
    • Automatically inserts Fire Dampers where ducts clash with walls, floors, ceilings or roofs with fire rating
    • Automatically inserts structural openings for separated architectural and structural models
    • Enhance BIM-team work and deliverables for integrated project delivery (IPD)
  • Sort Mark renumbers Revit elements and detects, renumbers grids, determines swing direction and orientation (and add them as properties), recalculates shared coordinates, etc.
    • Detects grid geometry and automatically renumbers them after any project change
    • Renumbers of any Revit elements (Doors, Windows, Columns, Pipes, etc.) in a number of different ways
    • Writes swing direction for the doors into the door's properties
    • Writes flip/mirror orientation for the selected elements
    • Creates new shared parameters, recalculates shared X, Y, Z coordinates
    • Possibility to save numbering settings under the separate name
    • Possibility to sort elements in Ascending/Descending order, and many more functions



Install or uninstall Metal Framing Wall according to standard procedures.

Download the app from the Autodesk App store.

Double-click the file to start the installation process.

Follow the instructions on your screen. 


Installation file path: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2020

To uninstall, go to ‘Programs and Features’ on your Control Panel, select ‘TOOLS 4 BIM Dock [year]’ (published by AGACAD), and click ‘Uninstall.’

Additional Information

You can find E-Help in two ways: press F1 or click the E-Help button on the product main menu.

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Agacad, an ARKANCE company

Support Information

For assistance with Metal Framing Wall, visit the E-HELP page or contact our support team at We'll get back to you within 24 hours (weekends excluded).

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