Xport Elements to ETABS®

Xport Elements to ETABS®

Win64, English

Vantec Solutions
Copy structural elements from Autodesk® Revit® and paste them as 3D model objects in ETABS®.

General Usage Instructions

Xport Elements for Revit has two simple interfaces: one for Revit and one for ETABS®. In the Revit interface, the user can select and copy structural elements such as walls, slabs, slant columns and vertical columns. The ETABS® interface converts these elements into model objects and automatically assigns the respective section geometry.

The first step is to select the structural elements to be exported from Revit. The structural elements that can be exported are the following:

  • Slabs (concrete solid floors with uniform thickness).  
  • Beams (structural framing).
  • Slant Columns (rectangular or circular).
  • Vertical Columns (rectangular or circular).
  • Walls.

After doing the selection (step 1), the user must click the structural type button corresponding to the elements selected in the plugin tab. After getting the successful export message, open the ETABS model.

In the ETABS interface, run the plugin from the Tools menu. In the main interface, the user must select the name of the Revit floor that will match the ETABS base floor. Then click on Import Elements.

If the elements are successfully imported, then the plugin will close. Repeat the process to copy each type of element separately.




The Xport Elements app can be installed by running the XPORT_ELEMENTS_to_ETABS.msi file and following the instructions in the wizard. This will install the program in the following location: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2019\XPORT ELEMENTS\.

To uninstall the program, execute the same XPORT_ELEMENTS_to_ETABS.msi file and follow the instructions.

Additional Information

Before installing the XPORT_ELEMENTS_to_ETABS you need to have a licensed version of ETABS2016 (not a trial version). You can buy an ETABS2016 license from CSI America at https://www.csiamerica.com/contact

This app is also available for Autodesk® Revit® 2015-2019  and ETABS® 2015. Contact us for more information. 

Known Issues

This app only works for a licensed version of ETABS (not a trial version).

The current version will not export columns that have a Structural Steel section to ETABS.

The first release would in some cases ignore the column section rotation, this updated version 1.1 resolves that issue. 


Company Name: Vantec Solutions

Author/Company Information

Vantec Solutions

Support Information

If you have any questions regarding the licensing or use of the program or any suggestions or bugs to report, please contact us at support@vantecsolutions.com.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


This is a minor update to the first release of the Xport Elements App.


This is the first release of the Xport Elements App.
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