PF Printer PDF v5.0

PF Printer PDF v5.0

Win64, English

Batch printer- publish selected sheets to PDF with just one click. Automatically detects standard and custom paper size. The fastest Revit printer. With PF Printer you will finish the project on time.

General Usage Instructions

The PF Printer PDF dialog shows all sheets in your project. It is easy to select sheets for printing to PDF files.

Set color or black/white mode, the scale of selected sheets, set output directory and prefix, suffix, file name (with/out diacritics) of the final file and click to Print to PDF. All processes are automatic.
Scale parameter to scale paper and sheet size. Example scale 50% - sheet A3 is printed to A4.
If you merge sheets, the output file name will take name as the first checked row. You can also drag and drop and set own order list. For edit name you can double click to name or number.

Enhanced Browse Directory dialog




For running PF Printer PDF you have to install PDFCreator which is included in the install package. Minimum version PDFCreator is 4.0.3

Additional Information

Known Issues

Some Antivirus show wrong warning message about viruses - If you have problem contact us.


Company Name: BIM RVT
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For any issues, new ideas, feedback please contact us.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


New: List of sheets is sorted by numeric New: Filter sheets list New: Drag and drop sheets - change order New: Possibility define output file name when merge to single file New: The last setting is saved when the plugin is closed New: Check if the file exists and if so plugin add suffix to filename - don't rewrite files New: Simle installation and activation process Enhanced: Folder dialog form for selecting output directory Enhanced: New faster PF printer core Enhanced: Last proccess check if created files really exist Enhanced: modern UI Fixed: The default printer driver may not be PDFCreator Fixed: Long print proccess make wrong filename Fixed: Improved stability when long print processing Fixed: Corrected PDF orientation when print to one PDF file Support Revit 2017, 2018.3, 2019, 2020, 2021 and Virtual printer PDFCreator -


Loading sheets to list is 170% faster than previous version Enhanced some functions Corrected some bugs UI design enhanced Support Revit 2018.3, 2019 and Virtual printer PDFCreator -


30% faster than previous version 2.5 Added function to merge PDF files to single file. uppercase, lowercase Vector / raster Stamp/watermark Modern UI Showing current processing Support Revit 2018.3, 2019 and Virtual printer PDFCreator -
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