Autodesk Forma™ Add-In for Revit, Beta

Autodesk Forma™ Add-In for Revit, Beta

Win64, English

Autodesk, Inc.
Transfer your Autodesk Forma™ proposals into Autodesk® Revit® projects and use Forma to analyze your Revit designs.

General Usage Instructions

In Forma, from the list of your proposals in the left-side panel, left-click on the 3-dot menu of the proposal you'd like to work on and choose “Send to Revit” from the menu.

Open Revit and create a new project. In the Massing and Site tab, find the Load Proposal button. (Note, if you are loading a Forma proposal into an existing Revit project, the existing Revit location data will be overwritten by the GIS coordinate system used to locate the Forma project)

Note: while the add-in is regularly being improved, current conversions are 

  • Basic Buildings and Released Line Buildings are converted to Walls, Floors, and Roofs
  • 3D Sketch Buildings are converted to loaded mass families with mass floors
  • Line Buildings, Vegetation, context buildings, and ShapeDiver elements are Converted to Generic Models (Direct Shapes)
  • Parking is converted to Parking Components (Testfit parking is currently not supported)
  • Terrain is converted to Toposolids in Revit 2024 (toposurface in previous versions)


For more details, see the Forma Revit Interoperability documentation.





Run the included Windows Installer .msi installer.


Windows Start > Settings > Apps and Features, search for Forma, select Forma Revit Add-In, and click Uninstall.

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Company Name: Autodesk, Inc.

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Autodesk, Inc.

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


April 2024 update.


March 2024 update.


February 2024 update.


January 2024 update.


December 2023 update.


November 2023 update.


Post-launch update with fixes for a number of issues.
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