Electric Low Voltage Power Cables E.L.V.P.C R2018

Electric Low Voltage Power Cables E.L.V.P.C R2018

Win64, English

EPM Groups
This plugin development for Autodesk® Revit® which gives the ability to add low voltage electric power cables type, instance, and standard for flexibility in the drawing

General Usage Instructions


How to use plugin

This plugin is designed for Windows 7, or a higher 64-bit environment after plugin installation begins you will see the installing message.

After finishing installing the plugin and staring Revit, you will see the message for load-related plugin DLL file.

You should choose the (Always Load) button to load the plugin each Revit starts, or (Load once) to ask you each time Revit starts.

To start E.L.V.P.C select the Add-Ins ribbon tabs and click on the “Low Voltage Electric Power Cables” button.

The Low voltage Electric Power Cables database will be loaded.


Now you can select your cable from more than five hundred cable types and the click Load button to start adding the following:-

1-     Create New Cable instance type with selected cable name (you must have “Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit (RNC Sch 40)”) in your Conduits Families.

2-     Create New Electrical standard with selected cable name.

Now you have a new cable type added in Conduits Families.

And you have a new Electrical Standard with cable name, cable overall diameter and preferred bend radius according to British standard.


Before you can begin to draw cable, you should do the following steps:-

1-     Double-click on your cable from Families – Conduits

2-     Change standard to corresponding cable standard (Same cable name)

3-     Right click on cable form Families – Conduits, select Create instance, and go drawing your cable.

4-     Do the same for each your design cable type.


After finishing, you can create your own cable schedule with standard, (Family and type), length …. Etc.



Installation of setup file and uninstallation from Add/Remove Program as all windows programs.

Additional Information

Known Issues


Company Name: EPM Groups
Support Contact: ahmed.samir@epmgroups.com

Author/Company Information

EPM Groups

Support Information

Eng. Ahmed Samir <epmconsultantgroup@gmail.com>

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Update version for Autodesk® Revit® 2018
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