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Butterfly is a data visualization tool which helps you to create astonishing diagrams with few mouse clicks with the Autodesk® Revit®.

General Usage Instructions

For Butterfly 3D room:

  1. Open the settings dialog and click on the browse button, set the path to the Generic model family template, for example, C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2018\Family Templates\English\Metric Generic Model.rft
  2. Select rooms in the project and click on generate3d rooms.
  3. Open settings dialog and click on parameter mapping. In this table choose the room parameter which you wish to transfer to 3D rooms.
  4. Click on transfer parameters, the values of the parameters you have selected in the previous step are now transferred to 3D rooms.
  5. Click on color scheme button, choose a parameter from the drop-down menu, a color scheme will be assigned to this parameter, adjust the colors as you like and then click on save & apply.
  6. If the color scheme is successfully created in the previous step you can generate a color legend for it using "Color legend" command.

For Butterfly Graph tool 

  1. Open Graph tool dialog
  2. Select a Revit schedule from the schedule list 
  3. Select two columns for Labels and Values of the Graph. Label column must have unique values and Value columns must have numeric values 
  4. Select a graph type from Graph type list 
  5. Adjust the graph settings
  6. Adjust the colors of the graph from the preview table.
  7. Click on generate button.




Run the installer with administrator privileges.  The installer can detect the Revit installation folders and install the application files automatically. If you have multiple versions of Revit installed on your machine you can choose whichever version you would like to install the Butterfly add-on.

  • Note:  Revit application must be shut down during the installation. Reboot is not required.

Uninstall the add-on from a control panel.

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Company Name: Parametric Zoo
Support Contact: support@parametriczoo.com

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Parametric Zoo

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In this version we have added Butterfly Graph! The Graph tool is a data visualization tool which creates graphical charts from Revit schedules. These charts can be customized and refresh at any time. With Graph tool you no longer need another software to create charts. Everything will be done inside Revit!


Initial version.
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