DuraFuse Frames Family v2.0

DuraFuse Frames Family v2.0

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DuraFuse Frames
The DuraFuse Frames family makes it easy to visualize the DuraFuse Frames moment frame connection in Autodesk® Revit®.

General Usage Instructions

The DuraFuse Frames family is to be used in Revit models for DuraFuse Frames moment frame connections between beams and columns. The family should be downloaded to the user’s computer and then imported into Revit. DuraFuse Frames will provide a project-specific file that includes information for each unique moment frame connection. The family will read this file, match the beam and column combination to the provided file and apply the settings to the connection. This process will be repeated for each moment frame connection.




Use the link below to download and save the DuraFuse Frames Revit Family package. After following this link, scroll down and select the Download button under Revit Family. Save the files to your computer and use the Setup & User Guide document for more information on loading and applying the family in Revit. 


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Company Name: DuraFuse Frames

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DuraFuse Frames

Support Information

For help with the DuraFuse Frames family, please contact us at contact@durafuseframes.com.

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The DuraFuse Frames family version 2.0 supports one and two-sided moment frame conditions and two-sided conditions with beams of different depths. In addition, version 2.0 includes a connection mapping tool that will automatically assign connection IDs in the model, eliminating the manual application of the family at each joint.
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