ProSheets - Batch export to PDF, DWG, IFC, etc.

ProSheets - Batch export to PDF, DWG, IFC, etc.

Win64, English

ProSheets is a free plugin for Autodesk® Revit® that allows users to bulk export views and sheets from Revit® to PDF, DWG, DGN, DWF, NWC, IFC, and Images (e.g., JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc).

General Usage Instructions

The Plug-in allows users to bulk export views/sheets to PDF, DWG, DGN, DWF, NWC, IFC, and IMG (e.g., JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) with a custom filename.

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ProSheets is installed per machine on %ProgramData%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\%year%
To uninstall the software, simply use the installer you have downloaded or go to the program list on your control panel ->Add or Remove Programs and uninstall it from there.

Instructions to silent install, uninstall and repair.

<installer-name>.exe /i // /qn accept_eula=1
<installer-name>.exe /x // /qn
<installer-name>.exe /fa // /qn

Additional Parameters:

The plugin available Revit version will be selected by default.

You can UNSELECT Revit versions by assigning an empty value.

<installer-name>.exe /i // /qn accept_eula=1 revit2017="" revit2018="" revit2019=""

The command above will install the plugin for Revit 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. The other versions will be skipped.  

Admin permissions are required to perform the installation.

Additional Information

This add-in will automatically install PDF24 and a custom 'diroots.prosheets' virtual printer. Uninstalling them will make ProSheets stop working.

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Known Issues

All known issues have been fixed in this version.


Company Name: DiRoots
Company URL:
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

For support, bug reporting, improvements or suggestions, please email us to

Version History

Version Number Version Description


# Enhancements - Stability and performance - Ability to turn off update notifications # Bug Fixes - Error when using the search input - Wrong units in paper placements settings (Revit 2021 and 2022) - UI/UX minor issues fixed

# Enhancements - [UI/UX] Columns width is automatically set to the last one used. - [UI/UX] Added ‘Edit Filename’ button for better visibility. - [UI/UX] Checkbox column set to a fixed width and non-resizable - Other minor UI/UX improvements # Bug Fixes - Incorrect Views/Sheets count. - The sheet Number shows “N/A” in the ‘Order Sheets & Views’ window. - The check for updates functionality triggers an error when the user doesn’t have permission to run executables. - Other minor bugs were fixed.

# Enhancements - [Selection tab] Auto-remember the last used table headers. - [Formats tab] Add file formats to profiles. - Minor UI/UX improvements. # Bugs Fixed - [IFC Export] Error due to Revit IFC Exporter not accepting zero value for the faceting factor. - [IFC Export] Custom and advanced IFC settings not being stored in the profiles. - [PDF Export] A4 paper size being recognized as A4 small. - [Create tab] Right-click remove from queue always remove the PDF.

# New Features - [Create tab] Ability to remove sheets/views from the export jobs (i.e.: not all the selected sheets/views need to be exported for all the selected file formats) - [Formats tab] IFC advanced settings added # Enhancements - [Selection tab] Right-click on the table view headers to add more columns for sheet parameters (e.g., Current Revision, Issued By, etc. ) - [Create tab] More environment variables available when saving files - [Custom filename builder] More environment variables available - Shipped with the latest version of PDF24 (11.5.0) - UI/UX improvements # Bug Fixes - Not working properly with Assembly Sheets - File name being trimmed after a dot (.) when exporting to NWC file format - Logs not being cleaned in some scenarios - IFC export not working properly with the latest Autodesk IFC Exporter for Revit 2021 - Not able to stop loading sheets/views - Sheets not sorted correctly - Other minor bugs fixed

# Bug Fix - PDF24/diroots.prosheets printer profile being set back to default when plotting.

# Enhancements - Compatible with Revit 2023 - UI/UX Improvements.

# Enhancements - UI/UX Improvements. # Bug Fixes - Images not exported with the correct filename.

# Enhancements - Ability to search in other fields (Custom Drawing Number, Revisions, etc.) - ProSheets is now in the DiRootsOne tab. # Bug Fixes - In multiple monitors setups, ProSheets was always opening on the main display instead of opening in the display in which Revit is opened. - Open Views getting closed while printing. - Use default settings to save profiles crashing Revit.

# Enhancements - Custom Separator trimmed before the file extension. - Remember the last used profile. - Compatible with the latest version of PDF24 (10.7.0). # Bug Fixes - [IFC Export] not working on Revit 2022.1. - [NWC Export] Some settings were greyed out and unusable. - [PDF Export] Offset from Corner not allowing negative values. - Double click to remove parameters from the custom filename builder not working.

Bug Fixes - Sheets/Views not loading in some projects due to corrupted model elements (these elements are being ignored now). - Parameters Dropdown in the Sheets Lists not showing correct values (Selection Tab). - Typo in Excel Export Report.

✔ New Features - Compatible with Revit 2022. - Compatible with the latest PDF24 version (automatically installed a as pre-requisite). Enhancements - Performance and stability. Bug Fixes - Larger PDFs not being created properly (especially using Raster processing) - IFC: "Export only elements visible in the view" option not being saved when using the export settings feature

– Performance and stability improved

– PDF24 updated to fix the issue with the latest Windows 10 update – Fixed: Parameters with certain names being ignored in the Custom Drawing Number builder – Added: Type to search parameters in the Custom Drawing Number builder

– Compatible with Revit 2021 – Full support for IFC classification – Ability to import IFC configuration files – Jump to section links added – Fixed: rotation issue in portrait – Fixed: spaces disappearing from the custom drawing number – Fixed: IFCs not exported when using some specific regional format settings – Performance highly improved

– Refreshed UI – Modeless Window – Choose the location to save profiles – Combine different paper sizes and orientation into one PDF document – Order the drawings when combining them into a single PDF document – Current Date/Time added to the Custom Drawing Number Builder – Export reports to Excel and CSV files – Minor bugs fixed – Performance improved

– Auto-detection of paper orientation | bug fixed – Auto-creation of custom paper sizes in the print server – Auto-detection of paper orientation – Ability to save naming rules and format settings in profiles – Allow advanced naming rules also for Views – Allow using environment variables/placeholders to select and/or create a folder to save the exported files – Empty projects and multiple projects bug related is now fixed – Minor bugs fixed – Performance improved
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