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Use the pipe diameter to check whether the pipe slope is correct.

General Usage Instructions

In the drainage pipeline system, there are often two kinds of slope pipes.

The slope of the pipe radius is greater than or equal to Diameter_1, and the slope is Slope_1.

The slope of the pipe radius is less than or equal to Diameter_2, and the slope is Slope_2.

This plug-in can set two kinds of pipe diameter & slope filter to find pipes that do not equal these Constraints, except vertical pipes.

  • If the pipe diameter is greater than 【Diameter_1】, Check if pipe slope equals 【Slope_1】
  • If the pipe diameter is smaller than 【Diameter_2】, Check if pipe slope equals 【Slope_2】
  • Create a pipe schedule that doesn’t qualify any of the above conditions. Vertical pipes are excluded from the schedule.




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