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OneFilter is a free Autodesk® Revit® plugin to quickly filter, select, and colorize Revit elements in the model.

General Usage Instructions

Check the tutorials page.



OneFilter is installed per machine on \ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\%year%
To uninstall the software simply use the installer you have downloaded or go to the program list on your control panel -> Add or Remove Programs and uninstall it from there.

Additional Information

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard Autodesk App Store installer).

Known Issues


Company Name: DiRoots
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Support Information

For support, bug reporting, improvements or suggestions, please send us an email to

Version History

Version Number Version Description

# New Features - [Visualize Tab] save color settings and manual color overrides in a reusable Profile. - [Visualize Tab] Alpha channel in RGBA or 8-digit HEX being now used to apply surface transparency to elements. - [Contains Tab] Use more parameters from Areas, Rooms, Spaces, Masses, and Zones to find elements contained inside. - [Contains Tab] Ability to add/edit parameter of elements inside model groups without ungrouping. # Enhancements - Larger Profile Name text box input. - Other UI/UX improvements. - Extra subcategories supported (e.g., Wall Sweeps). - [Visualize Tab] Active View is now the default mode. # Bug Fixes - Number of selected elements not being updated. - Active View showing elements that are not there. - Updating a legend makes it disappear from the Sheets. - [Visualize Tab] Clicking close when resetting overwrites to all views not stopping the transaction. - [Visualize Tab] Not able to export to Excel in some scenarios. - [Contains Tab] Sorting using the table headers not working properly. - Other minor bugs.

----- Bug Fixes - Default profile parameter values cannot be empty.

🚀 Enhancements - Performance on large models - Profile saving and loading improved - Improved filter criteria in dropdowns 🐜 Bug Fixes - Door function issue causing Revit to crash - Wrong filter criteria for certain parameter types - Minor bugs

– NEW: Load, create and modify Saved Selections – NEW: Combine Saved Selections to filter elements in the model – NEW: Load Rule-based Filters and store them as Saved Selections – NEW: Combine Rule-based Filters to filter elements in the model – NEW: Colour elements in the model based on parameters values – NEW: Create colorized Legend Views – NEW: Dockable Panel (Selection Manager) to easily access and modify Saved Selections and Rule-based Filters – Minor bug fixes

– NEW: Create a Section Box around the selected elements, define an offset value, and duplicate or modify the current View – NEW: ‘Contains’ Tab – find Revit elements such as Ducts, Walls, Windows, etc. within Areas, Masses, Rooms, Spaces, and Zones – NEW: ‘Contains’ Tab – build a custom value (e.g., Room Name + Room Number) to insert in the desired instance parameter (e.g., location). – Fixed: NullReference Exception triggered by some MEP Fabrication parts – Fixed: NullReference Exception triggered by a missing category – Fixed: Raster Images Resolution Parameter being considered a string – Fixed: Filters in ‘Active View’

– Compatible with Revit 2021 – Chain filters using logical operators (AND/OR) to narrow your selection – New User Interface (UI) – Quickly isolate/unisolate elements in the model – Minor bugs fixed – Performance highly improved

Yes/No filter added. Support to work with all language packs within Revit. Smart suggestions while typing. Missing families added. Export findings to a spreadsheet.
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