XYZ to Roof

XYZ to Roof

Win64, English

XYZ to Roof takes point data from CSV files and creates roof elements that accurately map to point cloud images.

General Usage Instructions

Prepare your roof scan point data into a CSV file in the numerical format of (E-value), (N-value), (Z-value). Find XYZ to Roof on the add-ins tab, click the button to load CSV into XYZ to Roof, and follow the prompts to select desired roof type, level to which the roof should be added, and the original scan data units. Once programmed, the app will create a new roof element that accurately matches your point cloud image. Roof boundaries will need some manual adjustment.

To transform your XYZ data into a roof element within Autodesk® Revit®, we recommend to use up to 1000 points from a CSV file to keep your workflow quick and reliable.
This tool currently uses project coordinates for roof data. A future revision will cater for use of shared coordinate transformation.
Ensure that pointcloud images are inserted origin to origin for roofs to match scan data.

Data can be collected from 3D laser scanning, GPS, or a total station. 

XYZ to Roof checks for formatting errors in your CSV file and reports any points that can not accurately be rendered into the new roof element.  

Example CSV format: 


XYZ to Roof supports up to 1750 points per floor but recommends working a maximum of 1000 points for the best efficiency in workflow. Processing of 1750 points may take 8-12 minutes depending on the processing power of your computer.




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Additional Information

Supports up to 1750 points per roof.

Known Issues

Currently not supporting shared coordinates. Sloped Glazing roof not able to be created with this app. Does not work with with Revit Family files (rfa)


Company Name: ADB3D
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Support Information

The app should check CSV and report any format errors that may cause the app to crash - please report crashes to support so we can fix it. Inbuilt Error checking does not check for inaccuracies of original scan data or any offsets from the original point cloud scan image. Some CSV files may take 5-6 minutes to process depending on the number of points used.

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Initial release.
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