CS ArtisanRV landscape for Autodesk® Revit®- TRIAL

CS ArtisanRV landscape for Autodesk® Revit®- TRIAL

Win64, English

Web-integrated professional landscape for Revit - intelligent data-rich BIM system for creating, managing and delivering landscape projects.

General Usage Instructions

CS ArtisanRV provides landscape professionals to work collaboratively in Revit workflows. Native Revit planting families are created dynamically as users place components in a model, automatically hosting to underlying topography, floors or regions. Planting palettes are generated by selecting plant species, varieties and specifications from searchable Cloud-based libraries and downloaded to local machines for placing singular, linear, area planting, which is sized according to the underlying specification information and 'aged' to species ultimate dimensions over years to maturity. Ultimate height/spread and years to maturity information is automatically accessible via CS Web App libraries. Planting, tree pits, root balls, fencing, railing components are based on customisable parametric families.

Revit phasing and worksets are fully supported.

Survey information can be used directly to create existing tree components dynamically in Revit based on underlying details recorded on site and mapped to existing tree family parameters.

Concept Planting for single plants (specimens or clumps), linear (hedges and avenues) or areas (woodlands and beds) provides quantifiable early phase content prior to creating detailed planting.

The Shadow Coverage utility analyses the percentage shadow coverage of targeted elements (external walkways, sitting areas, play areas etc), which is often a stated information requirement for construction projects in the hot climates (e.g. Middle East) to ensure that external spaces are designed in a way that will enable a minimum percentage of shadow coverage at defined times/dates.

Fencing and Railing components are created via parametric families and are placed by selecting host design or model lines projected onto underlying topographies or floors.

Terrain tools are designed to enable efficient manipulation of the topography within Revit and are available from the Terrain Panel.

All tools and workflows are fully documented in the digital help file ArtisanRV Help File (csdhub.com).



Access to the CS Web App is controlled via an authenticated username and password associated to an existing organisation’s account. See Install CSD Applications_AutoInstall.pdf (csdhub.com)

After logging in you can download CS Buddy App from: My Account - Downloads

Once downloaded, install the CS Buddy App with full administrator privileges. This will create an update service and launch the CS Buddy App in the service icon area (taskbar) of your desktop.

Use the CSD Buddy App to install the required products by right clicking the Buddy App icon in the taskbar and selecting “Licence, Settings and Install” and follow any on screen instructions.

Pick ‘Show all available CSD Products’; select the required program from the ‘NOT installed’ list; pick Install.


Enterprise and Citrix users should refer to the following documentation:  Artisan Enterprise Citrix Setup.pdf (csdhub.com).

Additional Information

Licensing the product

When Revit / Autodesk® AutoCAD® is run for the first time with the respective Add-In / Plugin installed, you will be asked to authorise your licence. Enter your login credentials (Organisation Name and Licence Number), select Full or Trial and pick 'Submit Request'

Alternatively, you can request a licence by using the “Request Licence” tab in the same “Licence, Settings and Install” form from which you installed the product. 

Once installed, it’s a good idea to check for updates by Right clicking the Buddy App icon in the taskbar and selecting “Check for Updates”. 

Note that the Buddy App needs to be operational for licensing and this needs to be installed initially with full administrator privileges. There is no requirement for users to manually download or install updates as the CS Buddy App service is designed to handle this service in the background using pre-authorisation. 

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Support Information

CloudScapes Support is provided via the CSD Support page https://www.csdhub.com/support/ where users are able to view Frequently Asked Questions, search the Knowledgebase or log new support issues. 

CloudScapes Contact details are available at https://www.csdhub.com/about-us/contact-us/

Help File - ArtisanRV Help File (csdhub.com)

Version History

Version Number Version Description


ArtisanRV xx3.69.0 (64 bit) bolt-on for Revit 2018-2022
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