ManufactOn BIM360 Connector

ManufactOn BIM360 Connector

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This extension connects your Autodesk® BIM 360® model to ManufactOn's supply chain management capabilities, allowing you to visualize your material supply chain through Forge.

General Usage Instructions

ManufactOn's Autodesk® Revit® plugin allows users to connect their model elements to ManufactOn backend. Users can publish prefab packages, associate model elements to the package and track the progress of prefab packages from planning to coordination to detailing, manufacturing, QA and all the way to install completely. For each of the stages, users can choose a color to indicate the stage and the model will show appropriate colors for the elements, all in real time. In addition, users may choose to see only those elements that are in a particular stage or by completion date etc. and the extension would then isolate and show only those elements, making it very easy for the user to visualize exactly where in the process a given model element is. Associated models are on BIM360 and ManufactOn uses Forge APIs and existing BIM360 credentials and permissions to allow the user to visualize the model.

The app works with Manufacton's Revit Plugin and will also work in the AutoCAD environment once the AutoCAD plugin is available.

 Usage Instructions

1) Please contact to obtain Plugin for Revit

2) Run the setup program to install the plugin for your version of Revit. Supported versions are 2016 through 2018

3) Sign into Revit plugin using your ManufactOn account

4) Load the Revit model file and associate or create prefab packages and production orders with elements (individual as well as assembly GUIDs) to Manufacton items

5) Now upload your model to BIM360 Document Management

6) Instructions for Adding ManufactOn BIM Viewer to a BIM 360 Account:

    BIM360 Admins can find the ManufactOn BIM Viewer BIM 360 Integration in Account Administration under the “Apps” tab. Select to add to your BIM 360 Account.

    Your ManufactOn BIM Viewer BIM 360 Integration is now active in BIM 360

7) Logging into ManufactOn using a browser, open App and Projects option

8) Associate the BIM360 model to a ManufactOn project by copy/paste the URL

9) Enable your Autodesk account to allow ManufactOn's BIM 360 viewer extension

10) Now if you launch the model in browser either by clicking the view model or by clicking on any ManufactOn item that has previously been associated with one or more Revit elements, the browser will open the model and paint all those elements that have an association with one or more ManufactOn items, with each item's latest and real time stage and color.




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