Beam Section

Beam Section

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Beam section allows you to automatically create sections for structural framing. Crossbeam section allows the users to automatically create cross-section beams.

General Usage Instructions

Beam section allows you to automatically create sections for structural framing. At the same time, it is possible to create the separation between the section of beams horizontally and the section of beams vertically and, to automatically create the dimension among the grid.

Beam section allows users to create sections for each beam or create sections for multiple beams at the same time while allowing the view template to be assigned to the created view and the crop view to be customized to the user's wishes. Also, the user can automatically assign the name and edit the name according to their preferences.

Beam section allows users to create sections separated in two directions. This separation makes it easier to assign a view template to each section. In the process of deploying reinforcement for beams, steel bars arranged for beams in the vertical direction may appear in the sectional beam in the horizontal direction. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the two sections to ensure the steel displays properly for each section and assigns a view template to each type of section.

Selecting the command will ask the user to select the Structural framing object and click the Finish button to complete the selection of the object.


  • The current view to execute the command must be a Plan view, otherwise, a dialog box will appear asking the user to select Plan view to execute the command.
  • The name of the beam (Mark parameter in structural framing) must be placed before executing the command.
  • For oblique beams, the section shall not be dimension after creation.


Crossbeam section allows users to automatically create  cross-section beams while allowing them to select the view type as well as the view template which is assigned automatically to the section.

The add-in allows the user to adjust the crop view size, far clip offset and the distance from crop view to grid and level, automatically naming the section after creation and allowing the user to adjust the name according to their  wishes, and to create automatically  the dimensions after creating sections.




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