Curtain Wall Patterns Designer

Curtain Wall Patterns Designer

Win64, English

Plug Into BIM
This tool is intended to streamline the process of defining custom and repetitive panel patterns applied to curtain walls.

General Usage Instructions

1. Select the curtain wall you want to work with
2. Define groups and add panels (as many groups and panels as you need!)
3. Apply and see the result
4. Make changes to panel groups (add a panel, delete panel, move a panel up and down, delete group, add group,...)
5. Finally, save your custom design

A. An external file with all the information will be created and saved in the same location as the workshared central file or standalone project
B. Every time you select a saved custom design, you will be able to review, edit and save it again!!

C. Pinned Panels will not change. This will enable you to get control of fixed elements in your facade.

*The external file generated automatically in point A, can be used into other projects to fit client requirements as a template or standard

(Take into account that Autodesk® Revit® families defined in the custom design must exist in the new Revit project)



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description

Curtain Wall Panel Patterns

Create Curatin Wall Pattern


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Additional Information

Known Issues

If you split a single panel into more pieces the pattern applied will mess up!


Company Name: Plug Into BIM

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Plug Into BIM

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Initial release.
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