ElumTools 2020

ElumTools 2020

Win64, English

Lighting Analysts, Inc.
ElumTools™ is a fully integrated lighting calculation and visualization Add-in for Autodesk® Revit®.

General Usage Instructions

Getting Started

Learn ElumTools

  1. Validate lighting fixtures families in ElumTools Luminaire Manager:
    1. Assign photometric sources to your Lighting Fixture families (if not already there)
    2. Correct source position if necessary
    3. Verify Lumens and Watts
    4. Add Light Loss Factors
  2. Prepare materials for lighting calculations in ElumTools Materials Manager:
    1. Check surface reflectances and colors for Walls, Ceilings, Floors and “Map” if necessary
    2. Check surface type for transparent and transmissive surfaces
  3. Add calculation grids for point-by-point illuminance:
    1. Add calculation points to workplane or floor using the ElumTools Add Points command
    2. Place additional points on other surfaces as desired using ElumTools Add Points Planar Face command
  4. Calculate Room(s) or Space(s)
    1. If using Revit Architecture use the Calculate Rooms command to select one or more rooms to compute
    2. If using Revit MEP use either the Calculate Rooms or Spaces commands to select the areas to compute.
  5. View the results
    1. Interact with the visualization to understand the lighting effect, try using the Pseudocolor mode to quantify illuminance on every surface
    2. Navigate to the appropriate Revit view you want to see the point-by-point information displayed, then use the ElumTools View Results command to see the values.

                 i.       Experiment with Revit’s Analysis Visualization Framework (AVF) for point display by selecting the View Properties, Default Analysis

                ii.       Change units from the Properties of the Analysis Results

  1. Schedule Statistics
    1. Build a Revit schedule as desired. All statistical information is available in View properties



ElumTools is installed from the MSI-based installer.  It can be uninstalled from Windows control panel.

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Company Name: Lighting Analysts, Inc.
Support Contact: support@elumtools.com

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Lighting Analysts, Inc.

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See our website for the latest enhancements and changes.

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