Bodyboard - Sprinkler Head Layouts

Bodyboard - Sprinkler Head Layouts

Win64, English

Kowabunga Studios
Tired of laying out sprinkler heads in your models? Tired of how much time it takes? We now have a solution for YOU! This will layout your sprinkler heads for you across your Revit Model in minutes!

General Usage Instructions

Once your Revit model is set up by the Architect and ceilings, walls and room definitions have been placed run Bodyboard to layout all your sprinkler heads in your Autodesk® Revit® model.

Select which rooms you want the devices populated in, choose your families and hit run. 

A full walkthrough explanation can be found here -




Run the .msi file for installation through a typical windows installer. This will then be installed in the file location of your choice as well as having the .addin located in the Revit file folders. 

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