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A classification manager displays true hierarchical (multiple level) information. Classification based selection and visibility control.

General Usage Instructions

1. Click on the button to show the BetterClassifier Panel

2. Click on the gear button to set up a new classification system.

  • Provide Text file with the classification (template file see here)
  • Choose one or two parameters (must be assigned to all categories in model).
    • if using one parameter, a separator can be chosen that will be inserted between code and description
    • if you want to use two parameters, then no separator is needed.

3. Assign classification to elements in one of the following ways

  • select elements in the model and click on the "+" symbol next to the classification node that you want to apply. If it is not visible, turn on the "unused" toggle.
  • You can right click on the node and choose "Classify selection"
  • Use the "Unclassified Elements" slider and drag'n'drop the category, family or type to the classification node that you want to assign.
  • Alternatively, right click on an unclassified element and use the search function.

4. Use the lightbulb to easily switch on/off the elements of a specific classification.

5. Right-click on a classification to see more options (selection, change visibility)




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