The Librarian is an accessible way to manage and load component families into the Autodesk® Revit® project. The app caches families belonging to the currently active project and any folders containing families within the local computer or in the network. This app allows teams to organize families by discipline, speciality, project-type or any other way deemed fit. BIM Managers may standardize libraries and distribute the pre-cached database file (Librarian.db) to ensure that all users have access to the same folder paths. Below are the salient features:


  1. Search-able libraries across multiple folders
  2. Load only the required types instead of all types - this works with Type-Catalogs as well
  3. See preview images of each family along with type properties
  4. Cached families across multiple folders and load them on demand without having to preload them into the project template.
  5. Libraries from previous version years can be viewed and loaded into projects.


The goal of this app is to remove barriers to loading families into the project. Please note that 2019 and previous versions have not been upgraded to the 2.0.0 version and will display the older user interface.

About This Version

Version 2.0.0, 1/19/2023
Completely re-built App with support for Revit 2023. Removal of project Stats feature. Integrated family properties panel.

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  • when 2023?
    Mmao Cheng | September 16, 2022


  • Incredible plugin!!!
    Klenio Silva | March 10, 2022 Verified Download (What's this?)

    This plugin is amazing!!! I changed my "showroom" files for a library organized with loadable families in my project. Thank you so much Spicetools!

  • The best way to organize Revit Assets!
    chris mcmurray | July 27, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Using Librarian has changed the way we work in Revit. No more browsing. No more searching. Eveything is organized and easily accessible. Thanks SpiceTool Team!

    Spicetools Technologies (Publisher) | July 30, 2021

    Thank you for all your feedback in helping us improve the Librarian! Your patience went a long way.

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