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Xinaps Financial Simulator™, working as a plugin within Autodesk® Revit®, pulls together and displays financial performance data and reveals the P&L Balance Sheet, Discounted Cash Flow and return on investment (ROI) impact of design decisions. It is quick and useful across BIM design teams as they consider design alternatives using net present value (NPV) comparisons of alternative design options from impact on building value to profitability. As a result optimal design decisions can be made and the long term viability of the project protected.


The Financial Simulator™ App:


  • Displays all financial results
  • Saves all financial indices in the BIM model
  • Accepts input financial indices such as rental rates and marketing costs for different types of occupancy
  • Uses floor areas and assigned occupancy types of rooms to calculate returns
  • Synchronizes with Revit units of measurement
  • Contributes various performance indicators in the Performance Dashboard


Xinaps Financial Simulator™ takes Revit to a new higher performance level to deliver more of the promise of BIM by providing clear financial implications for decision making within your integrated BIM design approach. It is available to Revit users in a modern SaaS (Software as a Service) model under annual or monthly subscription.

After installation and user registration you get a 30 day trial for free. During trial period you can use the software without any restrictions. After trial period a purchase option will be available.

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About This Version

Version 1.3.0, 1/16/2017
The Plug-In can now operate next to Revit, so you can handle both applications at the same time next to each other. Various enhancements of the "get amount of".

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  • Exit Excel
    Carina de Wit | March 10, 2016

    We have always worked with Excel spreadsheets to calculate costs per building element. I really like that I can just import these Excel sheets and continue using them inside Revit, without making manual updates!

  • A real time-saver!
    Paul Beindorff | July 01, 2015

    A real time-saver! A useful tool when performing profitability analysis. It is easy to use and has a nice video-tutorial! Definitely worth the investment

    Paul Beindorff | April 07, 2016

    Great update from the Xinaps team. Now I can make construction costs as well with this app. I really like the flexibility of the construction costs per element. I can easily modify the template and apply the costs relevant to me. The charts are a very good way to visualize costs too.

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