Megara Multiple Links Adder

Megara Multiple Links Adder

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Add Multiple Revit® Links at once



  1. Choose Multiple Revit Links from different locations
  2. Load your full list and only check what you want to be added this time
  3. Plugin uses the most commonly chosen options (by shared coordinates and relative paths),
    We are planning to add more options in the upcoming releases
    which you are automatically entitled to download through Autodesk App Store
  4. Instantly generates report on your desktop with link by link insertion result



This is a License protected Application, We use the latest Autodesk Floating License Technology for your convenience
We provide you a 30 Day Trial to experience the excellent quality of our apps and ensure it fully meets your requirements
This App works by subscription and we are offering you a discounted price for yearly subscriptions
This App will work on any PC when you sign in using the Autodesk Account used in purchasing this APP



  • This bot loves showing up. It notes down the time it started and when it finished its work.
  • It loves to work in peace so you'll have to leave your Revit program till it finishes its work.
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Version 2.0.0, 11/6/2018
Added Support to Revit 2019

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